Some things to know about domains on WordPress

With WordPress beginners, it is essential for them to spend time knowing what exactly domains are. A domain of a website allows visitors or customers to discover where your site can be founded. Besides, there exist many ways of inserting custom domains as well as managing the domains that are attached to your website.

In this article, we will introduce to you some things to know about domains.

Some things to know about domains

What are domains?

Domains are known as addresses that other people use in order to go to your site. Basically, it informs the web browser your site’s location. A domain is used as a way to help customers or visitors to find your site. A custom domain name aids in providing your sites with a professional look.

Note about inserting a custom domain

Here are some important notes before you want to insert a custom domain to your site.

  • Inserting a custom domain to your own site asks for a plan.

  • As you are registering a domain, you need to purchase its exact name since domains are considered unique and there can be one site following a given domain at any time.

  • The WordAds system from WordPress lets users share the revenue from the ads displayed on their blogs. Hence, custom domains are asked to join in WordAds. You should bear in mind that advertising outside of WordAds will not be supported except for some sites with Business Plan.

  • Followed by a custom domain, the blog is still hosted on the WordPress and still required to obey WordPress’s terms of services. Therefore, custom themes or even plugins uploaded will be only supported on WordPress Business Plan. In addition, several HTML scripts and codes will not be supported. Also, FTP to access to all of your files will not be visible.

  • Take note that adding a custom domain can change the links to your pages and posts. Hence, any visitors will be redirected automatically. However, some third-party services, including Facebook count on the URL to operate the activity.

Different ways to add a custom domain

WordPress gives you four different ways to help you add a custom domain to your site.

  • Users register a new domain on WordPress and get it connected automatically.

  • Users can transfer their current domains to WordPress in case they already owned that domain but they want to control it and manage their sites in just a place.

  • Users can map their current domains with WordPress in case you already owned you have registered and bought elsewhere, but they just want to manage and control it through their existing providers.

  • Users are able to map a subdomain to their WordPress sites in case you already owned a site you do not want it to be affected and you just want to insert a blog into this under this subdomain.

Cancel a domain and move a domain

Cancel a domain

Canceling a domain means that you want to give up the right to help you use this domain or your site might not be working or this domain can be permanently lost.

Take note that you can get a domain canceled as well as get a refund in about 48 hours of purchasing.

It is not too easy to have a domain back after you cancel. You had better cancel a domain when you ensure that you do not want it back anymore.

Move a domain

If you register a domain with WordPress, you do not need to use WordPress as your host. Any domain you registered is yours, then you can use them with hosts you would like to go with.

In case you want to use your domain for your site but it is not on WordPress, you will have the following options:

  • Register a domain with WordPress and get the servers’ names changed.
  • Get DNS records updated.
  • Transfer your domain to other registrars.

Refunds and Renewals

You should remember that domain renewals or registrations can be refundable in 48 hours.

Domain expiration

If you would like to keep a domain, you should not let it be expired since the process of an expiration of a domain is quite complicated, then you may bear an extra renewal fee or loss the domain.

In order not to lose your domains, you need to make sure that they are set to be renewed automatically.

Typos and changing a domain

  • Domains’ names are unable to change when they are registered.
  • If you need to change your domain, you have to cancel it in the 48-hour cancellation window.
  • If you buy your domain mapping or misspell your domain, you are able to cancel or refund in 30 days.

Email and DNS Records

WordPress provides you with email forwarding, however, you can get your providers connected with the custom domain if you want to have your email hosting.

Regarding DNS records, if you want to insert a subdomain and an email, you are requested to edit your DNS records for the domain.


We hope that this tutorial helps you understand more about domains and what you can do or cannot do to a domain. If you find this post useful, help us share this on your social channels.