the difference between the Business plan and other plans on WordPress

When you sign up for an account on, you have to choose a plan for your site. There are four options for you to select, including Free, Personal, Premium and Business. If you are running a business, like a restaurant, for example, you can use the Business Plan on WordPress to create a site and start promoting your products and services. For more details, follow this topic to discover the difference between the Business plan and other plans on WordPress.

difference between the Business plan and other plans

The difference between the Business plan and other plans

Business plan versus other plans

If you use the Business Plan for your site, you will provide with these features:

  • All the characteristics of the Premium Plan
  • Available to use Google Analytics
  • Possible to enjoy services from the third party, like custom plugins, themes, and code.
  • Supporting [SEO tools]{}
  • Available to get support from live chat 7 days/week
  • Able to use concierge support sessions for free twice with Happiness Engineers to learn how to build your site at first

However, the biggest difference between Business Plan and the rest is the accessibility to upload your own custom themes and plugins. Besides, with this plan, you can use the Store tool which allows you to sell your goods and other advanced features, like SEO tools, Google Analytics, etc.

Business plan versus Self-hosting

If you use WordPress Business, you will get a similar experience as you use the Self-hosting in term of extending and flexibility, however, the system will help you control the hardware and the low-level system configurations.

  • You are allowed to extend your site’s capabilities using themes and plugins without accessing SSH or FTP
  • The system will distribute server resources without requiring a higher level of hosts
  • With a Business plan, you can enjoy advanced features, such as SEO tools, unlimited storage space, etc.
  • Available to receive support from the Happiness Engineer team 7 days per week

difference between the Business plan and other plans

Meanwhile, if you use Self-hosting, you have to manage everything by yourself, from servers to configuration files. In case you want to directly add and control code, you can SSH into your server, and FTP into the site. Nevertheless, gaining more control means that you have to bear more responsibilities or in other words, you need to take care of your site security, backups without receiving support from the WordPress team. Be noted that WordPress does not support server accessing or FTP/SSH to your site, you need to come to other alternatives to find help.


To sum up, I have introduced to you the difference between the Business plan and other plans on WordPress. It is important to know such things because it can help you to make the right decision while choosing a plan for your site. Moreover, you will not lose your followers when you upgrade your plan then do not hesitate to use the suitable one for you. Hope that you find this writing helpful or at least you have good reading time.