The instruction at uploading and setuping custom themes in Wordpress

The instruction at uploading and setuping custom themes in Wordpress is exactly what you are looking for if you want to add your own custom theme instead of using Wordpress’s provided themes.

Welcome back! Have you got great experiences with Wordpress’s premium themes? For some reason, might you not totally be satisfied with themes that we designed for you and you got some excellent themes from other sources that you want to use it for your own website. Fortunately, Wordpress enables customers to use extra themes from outside to put in their product.

Specifically, WordPress .com provides users their Business plan that enpower your business website with a lot of utilities, especially suitable for uploading your custom themes or plugins in the easiest way.

To an end, read through this article and do as the transparent instruction said about uploading and setuping custom themes in Wordpress.

On the whole, there are 4 Quick Steps.

The instruction at uploading and setuping custom themes in Wordpress

1. Download the Theme’s .zip file {#1-download-the-theme’s-zip-file}

The first basic step is to download the theme’s .zip file from websites or anywhere that you purchased the theme. If you’re the custom theme is not from you, it has to be defined as a .zip file.


2. Upload the theme {#2-upload-the-theme}

Subsequently, you must upload a custom theme by going to My Sites → Design → Themes that appeared in your site’s dashboard. Then you will see a rectangle near the right corner with the line: Upload Theme.


Click it then a box will appear with the statement: “Drop files or click here to upload”. You can drag the theme’s .zip file into the box or click the box, find the theme’s .zip file on your computer and double click it to select to put in your uploading process.


3. Preview or activate the theme {#3-preview-or-activate-the-theme}

You can activate your theme in case you are on your way using it in a few moments. All you have to do is to click Activate.


You can also preview the theme to have a clearer vision about it before activating it. Clicking Try & Customize will do that for you


You can even adjust your site settings and theme options owing to the Customizer in case you want a different arrangement. You will be done adjusting the settings after clicking Save & Activate and ready to activate your theme

4. Set up your Custom theme {#4-setting-up-your-custom-theme}

There are some additional setup requirements from the Custom themes after being successfully uploaded and activated. Due to custom themes’ differences, some themes’ detailed setting up instructions must be checked by the users.

The Customizer will allow you to check for additional theme setup options by accessing My Sites → Design → Customize. In case there is no custom theme’s instruction is found, or you can be unsure about finishing setting up your own custom theme, the support team is always available when you want to contact for more information. They can help you deal with the problem owing to their great experience in working with the theme.

## 5. Additional information {#5-additional-information}

  • Custom Themes and Demo Content

Some demo contents are included in Custom themes and ready to be imported or installed. XML File is highly recommended by Wordpress to install your demo content.

Contact the theme’s support to ask them to provide an XML file if a demo XML file or given demo content were not attached.

  • Where to Find Custom Themes

You don’t have to worry while looking at Wordpress’s showcase without finding your perfectly matched theme for your website. Business plan allows you to upload custom themes from third-party sites. Wordpress also create lists collected from plenty of resources available online to widen your choices.

  • We listed some Theme resources for you here: ```\ ```


In conclusion, I have shown you fundamental ways to upload and setup custom themes in Wordpress. These steps are simple and easy to follow. However, we can not disregard some trouble during your practice, so, feel free to email and ask us any questions about Wordpress. For more information, you can read more about how to change theme for android and iOS. Hope you enjoyed your reading time!