How to cancel a domain on WordPress

As a WordPress user, you might know that the registrations of a domain name can be bought for a static period, however, you might also find out a time when you do not need this anymore. You can get the name changed or build a new site. Therefore, in this guide, you will be instructed on how to cancel a domain on WordPress through your own AMP (Account Management Panel).

To cancel a domain

Domain name introduction

Before going further, let’s find out what domain names are. Basically, a domain name is known as a location people usually use to drop in your website. It can inform the web browser where they have to look for the site. Like a street address, a domain is something like how viewers can visit your site online. In addition, a custom domain name can aid you in giving a professional look for your site. Take note that your WordPress site can come with a free address by using the WordPress subdomain, such as

You can remove part and replace it with the custom domain name, like There is one more thing you should remember that the custom domain name is totally different from the web hosting. The name of a domain is your site’ address, meanwhile hosting is known as the location of where your site content is store. In many cases, a domain name, along with a web hosting can be bought through the similar provider. But, you are not able to have a domain name which is registered or bought through a different provider and map it to your web hosting.

Cancel domain registration

Before going further, you need to take note that domain names can be renewed up to about 2 weeks before their date of expiration and are not refundable. Hence, you need to make sure to cancel your own domain name prior to two weeks to guarantee that it is properly canceled.

Whenever you want to cancel your domains, this action comes up with three meanings.

  • You give up your own right to use this domain.
  • Your site can stop working.
  • Your domain can be permanently lost.

A domain is easily canceled and you can also receive the refund in 48 hours of buying. However, it will be not easy to get your domain back after it is canceled. You had better cancel a domain whenever you ensure that you do not want to use it anymore and feel happy with the possibility of someone who wants to register and use it.

Ccancel a domain through your AMP

  • Step 1: First, log in to your AMP (Account Management Panel).
  • Step 2: Head to the Billing area, choose My Subscriptions.
  • Step 3: Find or search for your domain on the subscriptions page, then press on X located on the right.
  • Step 4: It is time to confirm that you really want to have your domain name canceled by selecting Submit button.

In this step, you will see a message saying that You have canceled your Domain Registration subscription.


With this tutorial on how to cancel a domain on WordPress, you can easily cancel your domain name registration without having any difficulties. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share your comment or contact us when you have problems.