How to manage purchases on WordPress

Please go to Your Account Profile to manage all of your WordPress (WP) purchases. You are allowed to freely access your Account Profile, also known as the “Me” section, through your avatar in the top right corner of your WordPress account. When in your Account Profile, click on Manage Purchases.

How to manage purchases on WordPress

Plans and Pricing

Go to My Site → Plan to see which plan your site is on. For more information on plan features and its pricing, please check out the current plans and pricing and plan features pages.

To go more into details:

  • Plans and customize domain names are billed each year or every two years, and are set up to renew by default automatically.
  • No monthly billing option is available at this time.
  • Plan purchases can be applied to 1 site only. In case you would like to start another different site, you will need an additional plan.
  • You can turn automatic renewal off at any time if you do not want your subscription to renew.
  • Automatic renewal occurs a period of 30 days prior to plan expiration. Your subscription is extended by a year from the original expiration date.

How to upgrade your plan

You can get your WordPress .com plan upgraded by going to My Site → Plan. Then, click on the Plans tab. Click Upgrade button which is located right below the plan you would like and you’ll be taken to a page to finish your purchase. For your information, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Credit for the remaining time on your existing subscription will be applied to your upgrade. Renewals will be billed at the full price of the new plan.

Here should be an instance when upgrading from a one-year WordPress .com Personal subscription to a one-year WordPress .com Business subscription two months after purchasing the WordPress .com Personal Plan (note that prices are shown in USD): $300 – ($48/12) x remaining time) = first payment

That is to say, if you have 10 months left on your existing WP Personal Plan, you might take $48 and divide that by 12 to get the rate of $4 for each month. After that, multiply the monthly rate of $4 by the remaining months in your plan (in this case, 10) to get $40. Then, subtract the value of the remaining time from the recent (new) plan, in this example, the Business plan for $300. Your first payment would be $300 – $40, or $260.

When your new plan renews, it will renew at the full cost. In this example, the renewal would be $300.

Refund policy

All products can be canceled for a refund within the timeframes below:

  • 30 days – all plan purchases and renewals (for example, Blogger, Personal, Premium, Business, Ecommerce)
  • 48 hours for domain registrations and renewals – Go to this page for more information on domain cancellations
  • 30 days after the purchase of a Guided Transfer, or as soon as the site has been moved (whichever comes first)
  • 30 days after purchase for G-Suite email licenses and Premium Themes Paid Support Sessions are refundable prior to completion

Please kindly note that in case you did use a domain credit to register a domain and request a refund after the 48 hour domain refund period, we will credit the difference between how the main charges and how the plan charges. Of course, you will keep the domain and are able to use it elsewhere or cancel it so that will not be renewed the following year.

Automatic renewal

By default, a subscription is set to renew in an automatic way to make sure there is no disruption in your services, loss of features, or loss of your custom domain name. Automatic renewal ensures that everything is taken care of in advance and gives time permission to address any issues with payment.

Please kindly note that if your subscription to your plan and/or custom domain name will continue to automatically renew until you turn off automatic renewal or cancel by following the following steps.

  • All subscriptions are set up to be automatically renewed 30 days prior to their expiration by default. Rest assured, your services remain active for the full 12 or 24 months you paid.
  • You will be notified by email before your card is charged.
  • If automatic renewal is disabled, you still have an active subscription until its expiration date.
  • Subscriptions with automatic renewal disabled are able to be manually renewed by clicking on Renew Now.

How to turn of automatic renewable

In case your plan is not within the 30-day refund period then the following process will turn off automatic renewal so that you can manually manage your renewal.

Within the 30-day refund policy window, the process outlined below will instantly cancel your plan and issue a refund. If you would like to turn off automatic renewal during this time, in order that you can manually renew, contact the Happiness Engineers.

  1. Click on Manage Payment located under My Site → Plan. Or, go to Account Profile → Manage Purchases.

  2. Choose the subscription you would like to cancel.

  3. Click Cancel Subscription. If you are within the refund period, you will see Cancel Subscription and Refund.

If you cancel within the refund window, your subscription will, of course, instantly be removed and a refund will be issued. If you just want to turn off automatic renewal during this time, you can contact support.

  1. On the next page, click Cancel Subscription again to confirm that you want to turn automatic renewal off for the plan or custom domain.

  2. You should see this message at the top of your Manage Purchases page if your cancellation was successful. You will also receive an email confirmation regarding the cancellation.

  3. If a refund was issued, the email confirmation will also reflect the refund amount. Please allow 5-10 business days for the funds to be credited back to your account

Managing domains

With the purchase of a plan, you receive a credit that can be used to register a new custom domain name or transfer a domain you already own to WordPress .com. The domain credit covers one year of domain registration.

Domains are renewed independent of the plans and billing information (as well as automatic renewal settings) can be managed through the same place your plans are managed.

From your Manage Purchases page, you can select one of your domains to manage its payment options.

Manage Purchases - Cancel Domain

  • Renew Now will let you renew the domain for another year (adding an additional year to its existing expiration date)
  • Add Credit Card will allow you to add a payment method so you can set up automatic renewal.
  • Cancel Domain will cancel the domain and remove it from your account.


Thanks for reading! Kindly note that after canceling a domain, there’s no guarantee the domain will become available to register somewhere else, and you may not be able to get it back. You do have the option to keep the domain at WordPress .com and use it elsewhere. See our alternatives here.