The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress

The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress will instruct you to create your own Wordpress account’s avatar via Gravatar. Because while using Wordpress, your account will be automatically connected to a Gravatars account which enables you to change your avatar in an arbitrary way.

When your account is activated, Wordpress will robotically use your email address’s avatar. As a matter of fact, most users want to update their very own avatar while using. So Gravatar was formed to follow you from site to site by appearing next to your name while doing things like commenting, posting on a blog or any actions that you take in’s community.

Hence, I will show you some significant functions that Wordpress exhibits users’ avatars. A few minutes will solve your problems.

<p class="custom-heading-article"> The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress </p>

Gravatar Hovercards

Before we start, let me introduce you one useful tool: Hovercard

Hovercard is a brief overview shown in a rectangle which usually includes thumbnail, name, and description, etc. When you mouse over a particular link, an image or something like that, then the Gravatar information will appear.

The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress

Upload Avatar

I will not let you wait by going straight to the point.

Firstly, visit your My Profile settings and click on the avatar in the top left.

The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress

Consequently, a pop-up that permits you to choose your own photo on your computer will appear. After a photo is selected, you will be able to rotate, flip, or crop your photo at your own convenience.

The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress

Of course, you can make any changes that you like, and once you are satisfied with your fruit, then click Change My Photo to set this as your new Gravatar photo.

Gravatar Shortcode {gravatar-shortcode}

In case you want to stick a Gravatar Image into a specific post, text widget, or page, the Gravatar shortcode will do that for you. In order to input the Gravatar, move to the page you want to add the image and place the following shortcode:

[gravatar email=”[email protected]” size=”128”]

The following layout options will also be able to be customized as you want to:

  • Size: You can set a specific size for the image. But remember one thing that Gravatars are square and the maximum size you can upload is 512px by 512px. So setting a size larger than this may lead to a blurry photo.
  • Rating: The uploader will define your own image, then you can select the minimum rating for an image to come up.

Gravatar Widget {gravatar-widget}

The Gravatar Widget is a smart tool that allows you to exhibit a Gravatar image together with some custom text. This is perfect for playing a brief About Me section on your blog sidebar.

An instance will help you to know more about that:

The guideline for uploading an avatar in Wordpress

Add the widget to your site, then you’ll see the following widget settings:

  • Title – This is the title of your Gravatar image.
  • Select a user – Use this while selecting a registered user of your blog, or picking custom and entering an email address.
  • Size – This will help you to select a size for the Gravatar image. It can be small, medium, large or extra large.
  • Alignment – This tool is for selecting an alignment for the Gravatar: Left or right. Then, the text will flow on either side of the image, while the image will be put in the center. There is no alignment placed underneath the image.
  • Gravatar link – Enter a URL in here if you want your Gravatar image to link to another page.
  • Text – You can enter the text you want here in order to show your Gravatar.

Additional Information {additional-infomation}

  • You can visit directly even when the pop-up for Gravatar doesn’t work.
  • In case you change your email address, just go to My Gravatars and require your Gravatar to your new email address.
  • It may take you a couple of hours to show due to Wordpress’s cache when want to change your avatar. If you want to see the change rapidly, clear your browser’s.
  • If your Gravatar is already set but not show up on blog pages, it may be due to your high image rating. In this case, you can check and change image ratings on
  • In the Discussion Settings, there are several avatar display choices available for you like, Gravatar image can only appear on the widgets when the Show Avatars setting allows it to show up in the Discussion Settings.


In conclusion, we have just shown you what we know about uploading an avatar on Wordpress. I hope this will help you a little bit in your using Wordpress experience!