Some things to know about Twitter API

Using a Twitter client, you are able to connect to to follow, keep track of your favorite blogs and get notifications when new posts are generated. Even more, you can publish status updates to the blog of your choice. Then, you will see the gravatar of the author in your timeline with excerpts and links to full posts. This way you can be notified of each new post within minutes.

In this guide, we will take a look at Some things to know about Twitter API to help you know more deeply about this topic.

Some things to know about Twitter API

What is Twitter API?

If somebody desires to access the APIs, they are required to register an application. By default, applications can only access the information which is public on Twitter. Certain endpoints, like those responsible for sending or receiving Direct Messages, require additional permissions from you before they can access your data. These permissions are not granted by default; you choose on a per-application basis whether to provide this access, and have the right to control all the applications authorized on your account.

The Twitter APIs include a wide range of endpoints, which insist of five main groups:

Accounts and users

Developers are allowed to programmatically manage a profile and settings of account, mute or block any users, manage users and followers, request information about an authorized account’s activity, and many more. These endpoints can help citizen services like the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management which provides information to residents about emergency alerts and responses.

Tweets and replies

Public Tweets and responses are made to be available to developers, and developers are allowed to post Tweets via. API. Developers can access Tweets by searching for particular keywords, or requesting a sample of Tweets from some specific accounts.

These endpoints are used by NGOs such as the UN to regconize, understand and counter misinformation around public health initiatives. For instance, in Indonesia, there were persistent rumors that vaccinations either contained pork product or caused infertility. Understanding how the rumors started and were spread allowed the UN to get a team on the ground to help dispel these myths, which leads to specific concern in this Muslim-majority country. Similarly, we help researchers listen for early symptomatic indications of disease outbreaks and track their spread. A team at Northeastern University recently developed a new flu-tracking technique using Twitter data that forecasts outbreaks up to six weeks in advance — much earlier than many other models, without sacrificing accuracy.

Direct Messages

The access to the DM conversations of users who have explicitly granted permission to a specific application can be provided by our Direct Message endpoints. We do not sell Direct Messages. Our DM APIs provide limited access to developers to generate personalized experiences on Twitter. For accounts they own or manage, businesses can generate these human-powered or chatbot-powered conversational experiences to immediately communicate with customers for customer service, marketing, and brand engagement experiences.


A suite of APIs is provided to give developers, such as Sprinklr, permission to assist businesses in automatically generating and even having control over various ad campaigns on Twitter. Developers can also employ public Tweets to regcognize topics and interests, and provide businesses with special tools for running advertising campaigns to get the diverse audiences on Twitter.

Publisher tools and SDKs

To embed Twitter timelines, share buttons and many other Twitter content on webpages, software developers and publishers are provided several tools. These tools can enable many brands to bring live, public conversations from Twitter into their web experience. Then, you customers can find it easier to share information and articles from their sites.

About Twitter API

To connect to our Twitter API you will need a client that supports custom API’s. Any client that allows you to enter your own API should work.

Our API is at While adding a custom Twitter API account, enter that URL into your client. For a secure connection, please remember to use https://. To log in, enter your username and password. Instead of following users you will follow blogs, fefer to them by their domain names (ex. Support for replies and retweets will be added soon.

Please kindly note that when you post a status update using Twitter API, the update will soon be displayed on your blog. In case you have more than one blog, you are allowed to make decision on which one can get the update.


This service is, in some ways, different from Twitter. A user on Twitter has a timeline of status updates which is like a blog. On one user can write for many blogs and one blog can have several authors. Also, there could be some comments left by anonymous visitors.