How to connect Twitter with Publicize in Wordpress

If you are wondering how to get your Twitter connected with different social networking services, we would love to say that this guide is going to give you an instruction in details. To explain, you will be able to share your posts with a service in an automatic way once your Twitter is connected with that device.

To get this job done, you can go to My Site > Sharing right in your dashboard. Then, you will see so many different services in the Publicize section such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, and Eventbrite. Please tap the Connect button and follow the prompts to connect to a service.

Do you need some more detailed knowledge or are you in trouble with getting connected to a specific service? However, let’s take a look at our instructional writing on How to connect Twitter with Publicize to know more deeply about this topic.

To connect Twitter with Publicize

Use Publicize

You would see a section named Publicize right in the Publish box on your post writing screen anytime you write to generate a new post once you have approved a connection to any of those services.

When you set/make your posts public, you will see it show up on the services that you have enabled. In case you want to opt out of any of the services of Publicize for a particular post, please get the boxes, which are next to the Publicize connections you’d like to disable, checked. Moreover, right on your services now are you allowed to configure the message that introduces your posts.

How to share your content again

In case you want to share your content again, please go to your existing posts in My Sites > Blog Posts and find the post that you are in need of promoting it again. For your information, there is a Share button, which is placed under each post in your post list. When being clicked, a sharing menu will be displayed. PLease kindly note that the message, which is set by dafault, will be the title of your post but you are still able to customize it to add more personal touch. Also, you can craft your message to particular networks and audiences and use various wording for each one only by selecting among the connected Publicize accounts. In case you are attempting to share a post from another author on your site, please be certain that the Publicize connections are worldwide and completely valid for all users on the site. In case they are not, you will only able to re-share the posts of which you are the author.

How to set up Publicize on your site

To set up Publicize on your website, please go to My Site > Sharing right in your dashboard.

Then, you will see a list of services to which you are able to share your posts located right in the Publicize section. Tap Connect button, it is placed next to the service you’d like to enable.

Connect Twitter with Publicize

  • Step 1: On the My Site > Sharing page, tap the Connect button right next to Twitter. Then, you will be taken to Twitter in which you will be asked to approve the connection between your site and your Twitter account.

  • Step 2: Tap Authorize app.

  • Step 3: Tap Connect after confirming the account you would like to authorize.

There will be a messaege that indicates you have successfully connected. In the dialog box, you have the option to connect with other accounts. You are also allowed to check the box the make the connection available to all administrators of the site. That is to say, when there is another generating a post, it will also publicize to this Twitter profile.

Images in Publicize

At first, Twitter will require you to validate your site to use Twitter Cards in order to share images through Publicize. You can do this by submitting a post to their Card Validator. It will need to be done for every Card Type by submitting an example of post your an individual. For instance, if your post has a gallery then Twitter will share it as a Gallery Card, this Card Type will need to be validated.

Please note that these social services may sometimes change things on their end and display a different image then expected. General speaking, nonetheless, it should work as described. Please set a featured photo for evey post to exert the most control over which photo is displayed.


About various connections to the same account: You are allowed to connect multiple social service accounts from the same account. That is to say, you can connect five Twitter accounts, for example, and your posts will be pubic to all of them. In case you are a blog administrator, you can also “share” any connection so that all the authors can publicize to the same account without each individual having to separately set up their own connection.