How to insert a Twitter timeline to your site in Wordpress

If you have decided to start reading this guide, we assume that you are in need of adding your Twitter feed to your store website. Typically, your Twitter feed is exactly your Twitter timeline. Under the circumstance that you are not certain about the benefits of doing that job then let’s take a look at our instructional writing on How to insert a Twitter timeline to your site to know more deeply about this topic.

How to insert a Twitter timeline to your site

What you can benefit from Twitter Feed

  • You are able to allow your readers to be aware of what you are up to by tweeting about it. It will also be posted automatically on your website once it shows up on your Twitter.

  • Inserting Twitter feed to your website will let your readers reach out to you much easier and quicker.

  • It gives you permission to blog and tweet just side by side.

  • Your skills as a blogger will improve because you will have to be catering the readers’ needs from not only Twitter but also your blog; the Twitter audience might not always be the same people who have read your blog so there is always chance for variousity.

  • In case someone feels uncomfortable voicing their thoughts to you on something you posted on your blog yet they, however, may want to interact with your store (or brand), you will be providing them another platform to do that on, such as Twitter.

  • When you run a blog linked with Twitter, a pool of beliefs, ideas, languages, cultures, and creativity is always accumulated at your fingertips.

  • Your statistics of blogs will boost up extremely fast when it will be accessible to Twitter users in a simultaneous way. These users, in turn, will assist you in making your voice heard by leaving comments, tapping Like, and reposting your posts via. Twitter. This is a great way to make your blog’s content reach an audience that it have vot have before.

How to insert a Twitter timeline to your site

So what do you really need to do to add your Twitter feed to your website?

Embedded timeline widgets can allow you to embed a collection of Tweets, which is known as a timeline, on your own website. There are five types of embedded timelines available as a whole, all of which look and feel like timelines on

- Profile: Show public Tweets from a specific user on Twitter.

- Likes: Display all Tweets a specific user has marked as likes.

- List: Dipslay Tweets from public Lists that you own and/or subscribe to.

- Collection: Dipslay Tweets from a collection, whwich is already currated.

- Moment: Display Tweets from a public moment.

To insert a Twitter timeline to your site follow these steps listed below:

  • Step 1: From you web browser, log into Twitter.

  • Step 2: Tap your the photo of your profile in the upper right corner and go to Settings and privacy.

  • Step 3: Slect Widgets from the section on the left in Settings.


  • Step 4: Tap the Create new button.


  • Step 5: Choose which type of embedded timeline that you want to configure and make changes to;

. For Profile, enter the username of the account whose Tweets you want to display. . For Likes, enter the username of the account whose likes you want to display. . For List, select a public list that you own and/or subscribe to in the drop-down menu. . For Search, enter your search query (for advanced searches, use Twitter’s search operators).

  • Step 6: Please make sure that in case you want to exclude sensitive content, profanity, etc., you have selected Same mode already. Anyways, you can edit these settigns from Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety.

  • Step 7: There is also an Embedded Timeline in case you so not want to select individual items from the dropdown list.

  • Step 8: Please select a Twitter profile’s link you want embedded on your website first and copy & paste it right in the URL box to embed a timeline using the Embedded Timeline option.


  • Step 9: Tap Preview to get the link of yout embedded profile and also to view the embedded profile itself. Copy the code that Twitter provides you and paste it on your blog and valah, then you have embedded a Twitter profile on your website.

  • Step 10: Go to Set customization options to make cahnges to the design.

  • Step 11: Twitter Publish prompt will open immediately after you have embedded your widget.

  • Step 12: You might already know how a Twitter embedded profile look but your alternative option is to gennerate a Twitter profile button, which looks like this. It’s entirely upto you whether you want to embed an entire Twitter timeline on your site or just include a Twitter button, which will redirect users, who are currently on your site, to that particular Twitter profile.


  • Step 13: Please copy & paste the code that Twitter has generated for you into your website’s HTML when you’ve chosen the button you’d like to generate.


Above is our instruction to insert a Twitter timeline to store site. Hope you find this article useful to you.