How to modify your menu settings on WordPress for Android

WordPress Android allows you to manage your site whenever you want and wherever you are. Basically, you can easily follow instructions as well as enjoy advanced operations so that you can easily perform on the go. Keep up with all posts and communicate with your visitors and users in order to lose touch.

If you are trying to find the way to change your menu settings on WordPress for Android users, don’t skip this tutorial. In this article, you will be shown on how to modify your menu settings on WordPress for Android.

13 steps to modify your menu settings on WordPress for Android

Menu settings on WordPress for Android app menu are the links to pages or content appearing on your site. They will have a different look on mobile than on desktop and can be hidden located a menu button.

  • Step 1:

Open up the app and press on themes. Under this field, your theme your website is currently using can be pulled up.

  • Step 2:

Tap on Customize to get the customized launched, then make changes.

  • Step 3:

Next, you can tap on menus.

  • Step 4:

Press on Menu locations to check the menu locations available in your theme.

  • Step 5:

Tap on a location to set up a menu for that location. This can display the default menu in any custom menus you have created to modify the menus or create a new one.

  • Step 6:

If you want to return to the menu screen, you can tap on back.

  • Step 7:

Click on a menu to check and view the links and make changes.

  • Step 8:

Tap on Add items to add a new link. You can select from types of links which can link to your content or add several custom URLs. Choose the ones you want to add, then tap back to modify the menu’s orders.

  • Step 9:

Below the menu links, you can set up where this menu should appear.

  • Step 10:

If you want to publish your changes, you can press on Save and Publish.

  • Step 11:

In order to make a brand new custom menu, you can return to the menu screen and click on Add a Menu, then give it a name and begin adding links.

  • Step 12:

Next, you can assign new menus to the location and don’t forget to press on Preview to check how your new menu looks like.

  • Step 13:

Tap on Customize to return to the customizer and do remember to save by pressing on Save and Publish.


This above tutorial on how to modify your menu settings on WordPress for Android might be a little complicated for WordPress beginners. However, if you can practice many times and do not skip any steps, you can manage your WordPress easily. Read here for Menu setting modification on Wordpress for iOS