How a premium theme is acquired in Wordpress

How a premium theme is acquired in Wordpress will be perfectly matched for you if you are longing for something that helps you to create your very own website at your disposal. Of course, themes are what you need to form your website’s appearance. However, Wordpress restricts you from using all the themes that it can provide, whilst you have to afford an amount of money to get the premium ones.

As mentioned with the word “premium”, Wordpress will bring you a privilege that you can use any theme that you like, as many times you want with no additional cost. Moreover, there are plenty of collections of stunning themes updated in Wordpress. Wordpress’s themes keep growing in number and so are their design complexity, custom options, and also the theme creators’ direct support.

Premium theme is provided when you use Premium or Business plan service. In case your account is not involved in any type of services above, you still can purchase premium themes separatedly.

I will show you more about the procedure. Let’s get started!

How a premium theme is acquired in Wordpress

1. Where can a Premium Theme be found?

There are two sections on Wordpress that you can discover Premium Themes: your own homepage and Theme Showcase. You can also see the theme’s preview.

For the Theme Showcase option, there will be a big amount of elaborate information about the special features of every single theme for you to consider. Additionally, they will come along with a link to the demo site of the one you created. Then, you are able to look through your product and edit it if you think you have to. Wordpress updated a wide range of Premium Themes stock on the Theme Showcase. You can visit it anytime that you want.

For your homepage, all Premium Themes are located in Themes. You can see it by clicking on the Premium link in the drop-down menu.

2. How to acquire a Premium Theme

The same as activating Free Theme, activating a Premium Theme can be done by some simple steps. First, when you selected Themes, click on the Premium link on your homepage menu. Then, you will see a display of all the available Premium Themes in front of you in grids.

How a premium theme is acquired in Wordpress

If you want to preview how your theme will look like on your website, clicking Preview → Try & Customize will do that for you. The Purchase button will come up at the top so that you can purchase the theme after an upgrade screen being shown.

There another way for you to buy and activate Premium Theme while looking through your work on Wordpress. You can arbitrarily opt for the most suitable theme for your website after finish paying off your theme.

While purchasing a Premium theme, you must pay attention to the theme’s availability for the lifetime of your blog. Because a Premium Theme can be out of date when Wordpress withdraws it. The dated theme can be taken back due to the current visual or functionality opinion.

In case that unfortunate incident happens, it will allow you to keep utilizing the theme for at your convenience. But, you can’t change back if you turn to another theme. Remember that we’re are pleased to support you to have the most convenient experience in getting the more updated and better theme for your site.

If a Premium theme doesn’t work out after finishing these steps, Wordpress is willing to return your money up to 30 days from your purchase.

Want to cancel your purchase and obtain a refund? Please choose the Cancel button on Purchases page. You are capable of switching freely to any other Premium Theme or of course, our free themes. The great news is that not only Premium Theme but also more and more free themes are day by day updated by Wordpress.

3. Additional information

There are some notes for you to take down:

  •’s themes are used in its website only which means you are unable to have your website in get them.

  • Some Premium Themes included in the Guided Transfer option, then they can be transferred to a self-hosted site without extra cost.

To know whether your theme is eligible, you can post in the Premium theme forums.


I have shown you Wordpress Premium Themes’ incredible features, namely its amazing design, dedicated support from theme authors. How a Premium Theme is acquired in Wordpress are also elaborately mentioned. Hope you had a great time reading this article. If you have any other further questions on this subject, please feel free to email us or include a comment below.