How to change your site theme on WordPress for iOS

Using an appropriate and beautiful theme not only helps you impress your visitors but also express more about your characteristics and your blogs. In other words, a theme is the overall look of your site which defines how your page is ordered and designed, from menus, layouts to color schemes, widgets. Moreover, you can easily customize it to fit your purposes and taste, hence, you should know how to change your site theme on WordPress to make your blog more stunning and attractive. This process can be completed through the WordPress app on Android and iOS devices, however, this writing will focus on the steps for iOS users only, for Android, please refer to another post.

Table of content

Step 1: Tap on My sites

Sign in to your account on the WordPress app and press on My sites. If you own a number of sites in one account, you need to select the one that you want to customize the theme and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select Themes

A list of options will appear on your screen that you need to find the Themes under the Personalise section and press on it.

Step 3: Pick a theme

A showcase of mobile-view themes will be displayed that you can scroll down to find more designs. If you already had a concept for your site, you can enter the keyword in the search bar to look for relevant themes. Press on the thumbnail you like to see the demo version of that theme.

Step 4: Choose Activate

When you find your favorite theme, you can also tap on the three dots ... icon and select an option. There are six options, which are Try & activate, Activate, View, Details, Support and Cancel. If you choose Try & customize, the customizer page will appear that you can edit the theme to meet your purposes and taste. To see the result of your adjustments, tap on Preview with the eye icon to see the demo site. If you are satisfied with this version, press on Save & Activate store all the changes and enable your set up. Otherwise, select < Themes on the top left to back to the themes showcase and nothing will be saved.

Besides, you can press on Activate to directly apply that theme for your site. In case you want to see how the theme looks on your site, choose View to get a preview. For more information related to the theme, you can tap on Details to read it. If you want to find some help from the vendor of the theme, select Support to view and download the provided supporting documents. When you want to see other themes, select Cancel and scroll down to find more.


In short, this is a brief introduction of the way to edit the site theme on WordPress for iOS. This process is simple and easy to follow that you can finish it within five minutes. Therefore, hope that you can find this topic interesting and helpful or at least you have good reading time.