The way to format your Wordpress posts

The way to format your Wordpress posts will help you to master the ways to make gallery, video, audio, and other post types in post formats.

As you might have already known, Wordpress allows users to transfer their blog appearance easily from one to another in the same content but only different posts format.

However, not all themes are supported in Wordpress, yours must meet the requirements in Wordpress’s theme supporting Post Format checklist. If your theme does, then there will be a Post Format module located in the right column of your post editor. Congratulations! Let’s move to other materials for formatting your post.

Table of content

1. Format your Wordpress posts

2. Wordpress Posts Format functions

3. Edit your Posts Format

1. Format your Wordpress posts {#1-format-your-wordpress-posts}

At the outset, you have to get your Wordpress post formed. Click Posts > Add New or Post > All Posts and determine the post you want to edit.

There are some themes offering users with all their nine supported formats, some may provide fewer. Then, you can choose a particular format and input content to the post and publish it.

There will be some differences in style between your posts and the Default Format depending on your theme.

The way to format your Wordpress posts

2. Wordpress Posts Format functions {#2-wordpress-posts-format-functions}

Before start using Posts Format, remember that Wordpress provides users some specifically designed content, this means that you have to follow their format while entering what you want to publish. Besides, you still are capable of putting any kind of content in your posts. Now, we should move to “Wordpress functions” part.

  • There are options for users to bold, italicize or strikethrough the text in the first row of the toolbar. To bold, italicize or even strikethrough text, the text you want to format must be selected. What you have to do is clicking the particular button, then you will see your text’s outcome.

  • There are bulleted and numbered functions for users’ lists if you look at the next two icons. Select the text then lick that icon when you want to insert a list in a post.

  • There is a quotation mark icon which is the block quote feature. Wordpress will put an indentation and italicized style in your text in a default way. It will also control your block quotes status on the front end of your site.

  • There are also alignment options for you to pick. They will include aligning left, aligning right and center options.

  • One more tool is the insert more tag, it can change the displayed text length of your website with a read more link.

  • In case you would prefer to write your posts in free mode, Wordpress will enable you to do so. It will direct you to full-screen writing mode, which is the same as using a Word processing software. Click “exit fullscreen”, if you want to exit out of this mode.

  • There is one Show/hide the kitchen sink button, which will reveal another line of formatting options if you choose it. From here, you are allowed to add heading styles to your text, underline text or set a full alignment.

  • Change the color of your selected text? It’s a piece of cake. Just notice one icon in the toolbar to select the color.

  • Last but not least, the last two icons are for pasting text and also plaining text from Microsoft Word.

The way to format your Wordpress posts

3. Edit your Posts Format {#3-edit-your-posts-format}

I hope that you successfully created your Image post.

In circumstances that you want to change its post format. some simple steps will do for you. Firstly, open the post editor by going to My Site(s) → Posts, then click “edit” under the post you want to change. After editing, all you have to do is click Update to update the post.

In case you don’t see the Post Format module, pay attention to your post formats cause they are likely inappropriate.


Are you now a Wordpress Posts Format master? I really hope that you are after reading this elaborate tutorial. What’s more, just feel free to ask us if there is any trouble during your practice.