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How to split the content in posts and pages in WordPress

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Splitting content is the process of styling the content in the way you want and improving the readability of your blogs and pages. In WordPress, depending on what you want, you can split your content in four different ways including The More Block, Excerpts, The Page Break Block, and Page Jumps. With this writing on How to split the content in posts and pages, we hope that you can easily style your blogs and pages in the way you like.

How to split the content in posts and pages

The More Block Style

If you want to show just the first part of a post, this is a perfect style of splitting content for you. Using the More Block, you can easily shorten the whole post or page so that only the first part can be seen unless you press the More block. This style can be used on your homepage, archive pages and in subscriber emails. This style of splitting content is a great way to create convenience for your readers so that they can save time scrolling down to find what they want.

The following picture is how your post will look like when using the More block.

More Block

Excerpt Style

Instead of showing the first part, if you want to add from one to two sentences to describe your posts or pages, this is exactly the style you need. This is the ideal style for people who want to add a little description for a page or a post. Excerpts can be shown in search results, blog page, portfolio page, featured content on the homepage, etc.

Using excerpts, you can display a small piece of description or preview instead of displaying the full content of a post or a page. This can be a great way to attract more visitors and gain more traffic.

This picture is an example of an excerpt:


The Page Break Block Style

Page Break Block

Wanting to add pagination to a page or post? This is the Page Break Block that you are looking for. This can be extremely helpful when writing a step by step tutorial. It’s also a great solution if you are searching for a way to split your page into multiple chapters.

Page Jump Style

Page Jump, which can also be known as anchor link, is the perfect solution if you want to guide your readers to anywhere in your post or page. Only by clicking a link, your reader will instantly be directed to somewhere further up or down a page.

This style of splitting content can help your readers to easily find what they want and what they are interested in, create a comfortable and convenient experience for your readers.


With this writing on How to split the content in posts and pages, we hope that you are provided with the information that you are looking for. Each style has different functions and serves for different purposes. Therefore, we hope that this detailed and informative writing will aid you in finding the most suitable way to split your content in your posts and pages.

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