How to generate a page on WordPress for iOS had developed and published its application for Android and iOS devices, like smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc. which allows users to check and manage their blogs faster and easier. A page is an important item on a blog that it is necessary to know the process to create a page using the application then you can apply it anywhere you want with your phones. Due to the differences in the controlling system, the uses of this app may vary from one to another that in this topic, we will focus on how to generate a page on WordPress for iOS only.

To generate a page on WordPress for iOS

Step 1: Select My sites

Firstly, if you do not have the application yet, go to App Store to download and install the WordPress app. After that, open the software and log-in your account. In case you are a new user of, you can register for a new one following the instructions which are given by this app. Next, press on My sites and select the site that you want to create a new page.

Step 2: Tap on the plus icon

Under the Publish section, choose the second option which is Pages. The screen display will move to another tab then you need to look at the top right corner and tap on the plus icon.

Step 3: Enter the needed information

The detailed settings for the page will appear that you need to complete one by one. First one is the Title field which you need to enter the header you want to use for the page. Below this section is the content zone where you put in the text, links or images, videos, etc. you want to show on your page. For text, just type normally like when you write an email or message using your phone. If you want to add images or video, tap on the media icon which is the first icon right above your keyboard. You can select any photo, video from the library on your phone or take a new one immediately.

Step 4: Press on the three dots icon

If you are satisfied with the content of the page, select the three dots icon ... on the top right corner of the screen display and Options respectively to start setting up your page. You can change the publication time of the page, which means you can set it to be Immediately or set a pre-release time for it. You can edit the Status of the page and its Visibility as well. After that, you can pick a photo from your phone library to be the Featured image for your page.

To check whether your page looks like when it is published, select Back to return to the Page Editor then press on the ... icon again and choose Preview.

Step 5: Choose Post

When you have completed all the above steps, tap on Post on the top of the screen display to release the page. In case you set the Status as Draft, you will not find the Post button because it is replaced by the Save one then you can press on it to store all of your settings.

If you want to find your page, go to My sites and Pages respectively. In the list of all of your pages, look for the page title you want and tap on it if you want to edit or adjust its content.


In short, this writing has introduced to you the process of how to generate a page on WordPress for iOS. This is a simple process with five steps in total that you can easily practice and complete it in about five minutes. You can also link to the attached images to check whether you are in the right track or not. This one is very convenient and useful as well that I hope you can spend time practicing and gain some benefits from it. Read here to know more about how to generate a page on Wordpress for iOS.