How the Media Library is used

How the Media Library is used will give you a clear vision about Media Library’s function in Wordpress and the way to optimize it.

As mentioned in the instruction for uploading image before, the Media Library carries all the files that you have added to your WordPress site. To put it another way, Media Library is where you can put all the files such as images, audio, videos, and documents all in one place and allows you to utilize many other functions, namely editing your images, editing images’ details, searching for a specific image.

Don’t worry about Media Library’s complexity, because it just takes you a few moments to practice and become proficient at using it.

Table of content

1. Navigate to the Media Library

2. Insert Files

3. Edit details in Media Library

4. Additional function

1. Navigate to the Media Library {#1-navigate-to-the-media-library}

To begin with, from the Wordpress Dashboard, notice the Media on the menu then expand it to get direction to your Wordpress Media Library. After the Media Library page successfully appeared, all of your current media items will show up in list form in the library.

How the Media Library is used

2. Insert Files {#2-insert-files}

With a view to insert files into your Wordpress’s library from your computer, click on Add new. You can also drag or drop files in a direct way onto your page to save time.

How the Media Library is used

Remember that your files must meet Wordpress file’s requirement, especially the file type standard. Once your image has been successfully uploaded, It will show up in your Media Library.

In case you would like to add a file from a website using a URL. At first, you need to click on the chevron adjacent to Add New, then choose to Add via URL option. Last but not least, the URL must be copied and pasted into the field, then a simple click on Upload will do the rest of the task for you.

How the Media Library is used

3. Edit details in Media Library {#3-edit-details-in-media-library}

Oops, seems like you need editing something here. However, don’t think it’s a big deal because Wordpress always enables you to edit your work all the time.

For your image on your website, click it then click the Edit button. Wordpress will give you the privilege to crop, rotate, scale or flip your image. Then click the Save button to have your product saved.

How the Media Library is used

For your media information like the title or caption, select what you want to edit then click Edit button. And of course, save you your work by clicking the Save button.

One special thing to remember that Wordpress will automatically save any changes you made in these fields.

4. Additional function {#4-additional-function}

  • Search for files:

In case you lost track of your previously uploaded items, look at the magnifying glass symbol near the top right of the screen. After that, insert your image’s information in the search bar to find it.

How the Media Library is used

  • Multi-File Uploader

In case you have more than one file to upload at one time, a multi-file uploader will help you by dragging and dropping multiple files to let your files be added to your WordPress Media Library.

  • If you have more than one file to upload at once, you can easily switch to the multi-file uploader. Now, just drag and drop multiple files here to be added to your WordPress Media Library.


This article gave you all the necessary information that you need to know about Wordpress’s Media Library. Don’t forget to utilize it as much as possible because you will certainly find it helpful and make things more convenient. If there is any problem in practicing, contact us via email and we are always willing to help you. Thank you for your reading time!