The way to export your content from blogger in Wordpress

The way to export your content from blogger in Wordpress will perfectly match those who are on the way becoming a blogger and want to pull their content over to

As you might have already known, exporting your content is a must-have process before you want to import any content or connect any domain to your blog or customize a new blog and so on. Because only when you export your blogs that other people and also you can have the right to access the valuable information. Lucky you! I write this article and all you have to do is to follow this “Get Started Quick” guide and you will become more experienced in using Wordpress:

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1. Navigate to exporting section

2. Download your content

The first thing you need to do here is to log in to your Blogger account, which was the most fundamental step. Then you will see a list of your blogs that you have already published.

Nextly, look at the arrow next to your blog’s name, move your mouse to that area and you will see a drop-down list. Navigate to Settings, then click Other which locates at the bottom of the list.

Right up at the top, you will see Import, Export and Delete blog option.

2. Download your content

In this case, you just need to click on the Export option and then download the content to your computer by selecting Save to your computer. The file will soon be downloaded to your computer and the speed of the process will depend on how much is your content is. If you follow these steps, it will generate an .xml file, the one ends with .xml, with all your blog’s content.

The export can save nearly all types of content your posts and comments, it can be text, photos, videos, and other embedded files. However, your theme, custom domain, or personal settings cannot be saved by Wordpress.


That’s a wrap! We instructed you the basic knowledge about The way to export your content from blogger in Wordpress. These steps are simple and easy to follow, I bet that you will meet no difficulties while practicing and I hope you will figure yourself a way to practice it. Just feel free to ask us if there are any questions that you want to answer in the process. Thanks for your reading time!