How to insert a photo gallery on WordPress

Let’s imagine you have had a shiny digital camera and wish to share all of your photos with the world outside, however, you do not know how to add those photos to your gallery and columns instead of posting one image at a time.

Hence, in this article, you will be shown how to insert a photo gallery on your WordPress, which even makes your pictures look better.

To insert a photo gallery on WordPress

Basically, WordPress makes it easy for you to insert pictures to your pages or blog posts. Following these steps below will help you possess a fancy photo gallery you might not have before.

  • Step 1: Log into your site and click on My site

  • Step 2: Choose to create new blog posts or pages where you want to publish your gallery

  • Step 3: Click on Add next to Blog Post and title your post

  • Step 4: Choose the adding icon on the left of your editor toolbar

  • Step 5: Select images you want to add to your own gallery from your own media library.

In case you want to insert new more photos or upload them from your computer, click on Add New.
You can also upload pictures from a source online by heading to Add via URL and don’t forget to paste an image link, then press on Upload.

  • Step 6: Currently, you have selected pictures you want to create a photo gallery. To keep going, click on Continue to choose your layouts.

  • Step 7: Take note that different layouts have different settings, including numbers of the column. You can set if your photo gallery will open to your attachment page, the media file or none of them when you click on that.

  • Step 8: Add captions to your pictures if you like by typing text in the caption area.

  • Step 9: Your images can be set in orders when you drag or drop them or you can opt for random.

  • Step 10: If you want to remove any photo, simply click on X icon in the corner of that photo.

  • Step 11: If you want to add more photo to your gallery, click on Media Library to come back to your selection and choose to upload additional photos.

  • Step 12: In case you want to know what your gallery will look like, click on Preview on the preview tab to check first before publishing.

  • Step 13: Whenever you feel satisfied with your gallery and are willing to show to the rest of the world, click on Publish or Update, take a closer look at your new gallery.

  • Step 14: Opening your gallery and click on a picture, it will appear with full page and you can scroll through the gallery as well.

  • Step 15: WordPress also has different layouts so that you can feel free to use. You can try or test out to see which layout fits your gallery and which one you like best.

How to edit existing galleries

Take note that inside your visual editor, your galleries on WordPress will appear like a blue box with an icon of a camera in the text editor window.

At any time and at anywhere, you can spend time editing your images or settings of the gallery just by going to Edit Gallery button located in the left-hand corner.

If you want to remove or delete a gallery, click on Remove Gallery button to complete it.


As you can see, adding a photo gallery on WordPress is not so complicated to follow and it is one of the effective ways to aid in sharing your pictures on your own WordPress site. And to help you with that, the Media Uploader allows you to easily add your own photos to any blog post or page on your site. Therefore, with this above article on how to insert a photo gallery, you will generate a nice photo gallery without having any difficulties or making any mistake. This function of WordPress is easy to follow and test out. Don’t forget to help us share this article on your social channel or leave us a comment if you have any question or issue.