The way to import your content from blogger in Wordpress

The way to import your content from blogger in Wordpress will help you to learn how to import Wordpress content from other blogs in two easy steps.

Speaking about import your content from blogger in Wordpress, we simply just mean copying over your posts or pages, media and other elements from one website to another. However, it just not simply copy and paste matters. But don’t be worried, I will show you the most convenient method for you.

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The first and foremost step that you must do every single time is to visit the back end of by logging into your account. However, remember that you need admin credentials in order to proceed to export the content. So, forget about stealing content from other blogs on Wordpress.

Subsequently, make sure that you selected the option Import in the sidebar, which lies between Export and Plugins option.

Import to Wordpress

As a result, you will see a list with different styles. This list must be well understood by you so that you can utilize your privilege. The choice is completely up to you. However, you might be confused at this step, so that there is also an article the Alternative Import Page which provides you some more details.

Import to Wordpress

2. Import your content to the

Have you already done the instruction above? Then, you must click on the “Start Import” button next to the Blogger importer. Consequently, you’ll see the import form. You just have to drag your export file into the box or click the box to browse to the file on your computer.

Import to Wordpress

At this step, be sure that the uploaded file is processed by the importer. It depends on how much content you are importing, this can take a while. Then, click the Start Import button and you’ll be asked to reassign the authors of the imported items to an existing user on your site before the import process gets going. Wordpress will let you know when the process is done, in which point you will have successfully imported your first blog’s content to your second!


That was all what I want to show you to import your content from blogger in Wordpress. It is simple, isn’t it? It’s my pleasure to hear comments from you below this article and also help you to fix your problems, so don’t hesitate to show us what you feel about your experience. Thanks for reading time!