How to engage with the WordPress Community

Becoming a part of the WordPress community means that you are getting 2 great services for the price of none: your blogs, plus your Reader, which could bring many blogs on together in an easy-to-search place. In the Reader, you are allowed to: - Look for great reads. - Catch up with bloggers that you follow. - Like, comment and reshare posts that you like.

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To engage with the WordPress Community

How to engage with the WordPress Community

Look for great reads

Please employ the Tag Lists in the Readers to look for whatever you need. Also, you are able to follow blogs such as Tumblr, Blogger, and so more. Please go to Followed Sites → Manage in the Reader and put it in the link of any site that you want to keep up with.

Catch up with bloggers that you follow

When following a specific blog, you are allowed to make decision on how you want to get upcoming posts in the future - they will be all collected in the Followed Sites tab or if you want, you can get them through instant, daily or monthly email. Maybe you could go with the instant email option for blogs that you especially pay attentioin to, or the daily email for a blog that posts several times a day. In case you are committed to inbox zero, you might opt for no email at all.

Please head to your Notification settings in case you are in need of changing or updating your email delivery settings globally.

Like, comment and reshare posts that you like

One of the perks of blogging in a community is that you are able to actively interact and share with other bloggers directly. You are allowed to express your appreciation for any post merely with a Like, elaborate with a comment and share what you have found with all of your readers by reblogging.

Reblogging, just similar to retweeting, is considered a very fast way to share posts generated by other users on while giving the real author permission to have control over their content. When you reblog a post, there will be an excerpt displaying on your site together with a URL to the original option and any commentary you have added.

You are allowed to reblog from within the Reader or from a personal blog. Once you are logged into, you will definitely see a reblog option in the toolbar which is located on the top of your screen.

How to apply for a WordAds Publisher position

WordAds is known as’s in-house advevrtising network. When you become a WordAds publisher, we will place some ads on your blog and share the revenue. Similar to many other networks that you may have used before such as FoodBuzz, BlogHer, etc., we handle either it is the administration or the negotiation, together with technical aspects. Our WordAds team partners with major online advertisers like Google AdSense and we are always evaluating new ad partners.

By co-working, we have been developing many high-quality ads that do not detract from your site and can bring in as much revenue as posssible. We will also optimize ads grounded in geography which are ads that are more targeted for your readers, which can result in an inceaase in payouts.

Any website that meets theses 3 criteria listed below is eligible for WordAds:

- family-friendly - Would you be comfortable with a child or co-worker seeing the site? - Has a custom domain - For instance, - Has meaningful traffic - Advertisers wil NEVER pay to appear on those sites having minimal views.

If you think you are qualified all of those requirements above and want to be a part of WordAds, please apply!


That’s it! We’ve cherry-picked the bits and pieces of wisdom most necessay for a smooth Blogger import here — there is more to learn, but you can always visit the full get-started tutorial!