How to embed an Instagram Feed in Wordpress

Instagram is considered one of the most popular social networks worldwide thanks to the fact that there are over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. Instagram filters, stories, and geo-tagging have become an necessary part of our life. The fact is that, Instagram holds the highest user engagement in comparison of all social media platforms. It is extensively used by vloggers, bloggers, travellers, and many photographers as a business tool. Multiple tasks can be performed nicely one Instagram such as product launch, price tagging, raising brand awareness, and many more. Nonetheless, your work will not draw anyone’s notice unless it is displayed on your website. For that reason, embedding Instagram posts on website is currently rising in its popularity. It is able to not only raise the dwell time of your customers but also enhance the authenticity of your brand. Therefore, let’s embed Instagram feeds on it if you want to make your website more effective!

Now please keep reading our instructional writing on How to embed an Instagram Feed to know more deeply about this topic.

How to embed an Instagram Feed

Benefits of adding an Insragram feed to your website

One of the popular tactics for marketers to approach and reach out the audience is taking advantage of social media network platforms. Instagram must be one of them. Instagram can serve marketing purposes even outside of its own app. There is a fact that people tend to love browsing Instagram feeds directly on the website they are working on. As a result, inserting an Instagram feed to a website can help your customers be more aware of your brand’s lifestyle applications and improve your social media reach, which could cause more followers and interactions.

According to statistics, 5 percent of Instagram users take action right after being inspired by a post. This type odd action could involve searching, visiting the website, sending it to friends, and shopping. By that way of driving traffic to a specific company’s social media platforms, you can then actively work to raise the overall social media influence of the brand, this can help you build strong relationships and switch potential purchasers to long-term customers. Embedding an Instagram feed on your website must be an enticing attraction, especially for your regular customers to keep them up-to-date with new services or products. It can also act as a portfolio of sorts to direct many prospects, serving visual look at what you sell, from another perpective.

Now let’s think about how an Instagram account can assist you in increasing brand authenticity and credibility. Adding not only the Instagram feed but also other social media platform feeds on your online store will show that you have a strong and consistant media business presence. Regardless of the solloer count, it might feel weird to to approach a brand that cannot claim consistency on even one social network.

How to embed an Instagram Feed

If you need to embed your Instagram feed on Shopify, please sign into your Shopify account and tap Online Store”, which is located right under the **Sales Channels section. Select Themes option when you see a drop-down list in sidebar.

On the right-hand side, you will see an Action button on your current theme. Tap that Action button and from the drop-down list, choose Edit code.


Choose Layout/Section/Template (for example, For Hamepage - Index.liquid) the place that you want your Instagram feed to be displayed and insert the Coped embed code of Taggbox (you are able to generate an embed code from Taggbox) and tap Save.


To sum up, an Instagram account can help not only your brand but also many others spread a strong awareness and build trust with the data base. Photos on Instagram allow you to expand your social media reach while raising visibility and impact for your Instagram posts. Additionally, Instagram’s developers allow you to embed both individual photos and the Instagram feed on your website. Embedding individual posts on a WordPress blog is fairly easy, it does work like thẻ types of object embedding.