How to customize content options on WordPress

Right now, WordPress has been introducing content options customizer panel and planning to add in Jetpack. In that case of situation, if you want your content options to be customized, then, you are in the right place. Don’t ignore this article since we will show you a simple way on how to customize content options on WordPress.

In fact, Content Options let you quickly change how the content is shown in several themes. Before going further, let’s us help you find out what content options are and how to customize them in the easiest way.

To get started, you should try to remember that not all of the themes support every feature, however, all of the new free ones will support content options.

To customize content options on WordPress

What are content options?

As it is mentioned earlier, content options play an important role in showing how the content will be displayed in themes. Basically, they are considered as a new customizer panel to users and provide us with a great number of tweaks which can be managed by some simple free plugins on its self-hosted site. Content options bring about a new range of the customizability to WordPress websites which were not available before.

Content options look after some small visual changes, including hiding or showing the date, author and many more. They give you a simple way to make changes across your website such as showing an excerpt and replacing with the full post without requiring any custom CSS.

There exit three major features of content options:

  • Blog Display: you can select among the full content of every post on the excerpt on your blog and tag, category or date archive pages. Take note that a default option is always available for the themes mixing full posts and excerpts based on your post format.

  • Author Bio: Users are able to hide their author bio on a single post.

  • Post Details: Users are also able to show or hide their tags, categories or post-dates.

How to customize content options

  • Step 1: Head to My Site -> Customize.

  • Step 2: Press on Content Options to continue. You should bear in mind that if you do not see this option, your current theme might not support it.

  • Step 3: Next, you can see that under the blog display, you can opt for showing the full content of each content or an excerpt on the blog, category tag, and date archive pages.

  • Step 4: Under the author bio section, you can choose to show the name of the author bio of the post or if you want to hide the author bio, let’s get the box unchecked.

  • Step 5: The box detail area allows you to show or hide the post-date tags or categories. If you want to hide any factor, you can uncheck this box. In addition, there are some certain themes only show some of those features on a single page or the blog page.

  • Step 6: You are able to change the way that your featured images appear on your site in order to support themes and choose the theme to display either featured images on pages or posts. In order to hide featured images in any views, you can uncheck the box located next to each item.

One more thing you should remember is that content options can vary from themes to themes.


As you can see content options are regarded as a handy customization feature which can become the next module to aid in receiving the widespread support from your theme authors. With this article on how to customize content options on WordPress, we hope that you can spend more time discovering their amazing features. If you need help or seek any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us right away since we would love to hear more from you.