Ways to delete your follower in Wordpress

Ways to delete your follower in Wordpress will help you to control who are able to approach and comment your posts.

Every blogger could have problems with readers who registered with their Wordpress site but never contribute to your post via comments. In some cases, they are probably unable to reach your posts. There are also some readers who do not appreciate your works or disagree with what you put in your content, as a result, they could post some bad comments that you don’t want to see.

None of these problems should be worried about because Wordpress provides people the right to create and also control your Reader lists. In short, your followers can receive an update of your Wordpress post through email or in Reader catalogue, or both due to your settings.

So, are you ready to go through this article and figure out what Wordpress could support you with your Followers

Table of content

1. View your followers’ information

2. Remove your followers

3. Control followers from social media

4. Follower Totals

1. View your followers’ information {#1-view-your-followers-information}

In order to view your followers’ information, visit Site Followers of your Wordpress account. Click My Sites, then Manage, then People. After that, there will be following tabs on the next screen which shows:

Ways to delete your follower in Wordpress

  • Team: This is a group of people who are currently involved in your website as a user role. They are Administrators, Editors, and Contributors.

  • Followers: This list of people who are following your site at present.

  • Email Followers: This is a list of people who use email to subscribe to your blog, some of them may not have a WordPress.com account.

  • Invites: This is a group of invitations sent to people with a view to invite them to follow your site, to set them with a specific user role.

2. Remove your followers {#2-remove-your-followers}

As mentioned above, a follower can post some inappropriate comments about your post. In case you don’t want other viewers to see this, you totally are capable of removing that comment.

To begin with, go to My Sites → Manage → People → Followers. You have to find the follower section, then click the Remove button adjacent to the follower’s name.

Besides, email followers can also be deleted at My Site → Manage → People → Email Followers.

Ways to delete your follower in Wordpress

3. Control followers from social media {#3-followers-from-social-media}

Under circumstances have you connected to some of your social networking services, like Facebook or Twitter through Publicize feature in Wordpress, you can count your followers who also linked to some of those services in the Publicize module.

By going to My Sites → Stats, you will able to see your module. After that, just select the Insights tab at the top of the web. The publicize module will appear in the form like this:

Ways to delete your follower in Wordpress

If you have some problems with viewing your followers’ account, remember that there are some social networking services do not enable us to do so. Look at LinkedIn as an example.

4. Follower Totals {#4-follower-totals}

In order to view your followers detailed information, direct to My Sites then Stats, you will see the Insights tab at the top of the page. More information about your followers will be displayed form your site stats page, for example, the quantity of followers that you have, the identities your followers, as well as the number of people who subscribed to comments on your site.

Ways to delete your follower in Wordpress

Similarly, the total number of your blog followers, subscribers via email only, and the total of your social media followers can also be displayed

In case your followers selected protection for their privacy, the email addresses of your subscribers will be made public to you. However, you are still able to have lists of names, email addresses, or other data for your own e-mail list, via the Form Block.


To sum up, you can remove a follower from your Wordpress easily if you follow the instructions above. I really expect what I have demonstrated above can help you a bit with your follower problems.