How to view your stats on WordPress for Android

If you are looking for a simple instrument to estimate your site’s statistics or you are finding it to represent those statistics, do not forget that WordPress has one of the most powerful tools to help you with that. WordPress statistics are the most important feature of WordPress that helps you check your site’s statistics without requiring you to send the users’ data.

With WordPress statistics, you can view the number of visitors on your website, their addresses, what search engine or browsers they are using or which tags, contents or categories occupy your users’ most of their time to care about.

As you might not know about, the stats page consists of a series of charts, lists or nifty graphs which can give you the number of visits your site can get or what pages or posts are the most common and so many more.

In this article, besides allowing you to discover more about stats pages, you can also be guided on how to view your stats on WordPress for Android.

To view your stats on WordPress for Android

Stats introduction on WordPress

To access stats, head to My Site -> Stats or you can access stats from your WP Admin Dashboard. When it comes to your own Stats page, you can see there is a chart representing your own traffic for days, weeks, months or years and they depend on which kind of filter you choose located at the top of your page.

In fact, there are two major units of the traffic measurements named views as well as unique visitors.

  • A view will be measured when a visitor or a customer loads and reloads your pages.

  • A visitor will be counted as soon as WordPress see that there is a browser or user for the initial time in a period.

In addition, you can check to see how many views you can have based on a country by days, weeks, months or years. In case cannot decide the visitors’ location, then the views cannot be recorded in the chart.

Regarding Stats pages and posts, there are two things you should remember:

  • A view will be only counted for a page or post as the URL permalink is visited or your full post is seen in the Reader.

  • In case a visitor can read post while checking your site’s homepage, this view will not be recorded towards posts but only towards total views.

Take note that if the site’s content is used by many users, this stat will allow you to see the amount of traffic on each of them. All you need to do is to click the name to help disclose most common pages or posts that are published by each author.

Your stats insights page can consist of a summary of the site’s stats and recent stats on comments on the site, categories, popular tags, and your own followers.

View your stats on WordPress for Android

Now, in this part, you will be guided on how to view your stats on WordPress for Android in details.

  • Step 1: Open the app and tap on Stats. Then, you can see that the default view is, actually, an overview of all-time as well as recent stats.

  • Step 2: Choose Insights to select a period unit to view and check. You can simply click on to see days, weeks, months or years.

  • Step 3: Investigate your views, your unit visitors, your likes, comments, the way people engage in your site, the place they click and they are from. If you possess a self-hosted site and have the Jetpack plugin that is installed, you can check your site’s stats by logging in account on the app.


For WordPress users in general and WordPress users for Android in particular, installing WordPress features on the Android app is not too hard to manipulate those above steps. WordPress on mobile phones help you manage your site on WordPress in an effective way no matter where. We hope that with our guide on how to view your stats on WordPress for Android, you can perform the task successfully. It is time to open your phone and access to your WP Admin Dashboard to check how each measurement is going on.