How to use widgets effectively on WordPress

Widgets are very powerful and effective tools provides to help you make best use of your site’s features. However, very few site creators and bloggers - beginners and veterans alike - are confident that they fully understand and master the use of the provided widgets. If this sounds familiar to you, here is a quick roundup of our best advice and suggestions on widgets, as well as their magical utility.

In this instructional writing below, you would be guided through a compact roundup of How to use widgets effectively on WordPress with all the tips and tricks you wish you knew sooner.

Table of Content

Intro to Widgets

If you are a newbie blogger and the term “widget” sounds unfamiliar to you, we suggest that you take a quick tour around this tutorial site at The website will guide you through a quick introduction to Wordpress, as well as the widget tool and how to use it.

Text and Image Widget Basics

The Text Widget & Image Widget are two of the most flexible widgets that offers. This post covers all the knowledge you need in order to fully utilize these widgets, especially how to customize them to enhance the visual appearance of your sidebar.

Doing More with Image Widgets

All the information you will need about the image widgets to craft eye-catiching, customized widgets could be found here. The instructions are simple and compact.

Custom Image Widgets for Non-Designers

If you have already decided to display some image widgets on your sidebar, but not yet sure how to create those beautiful, eye-catching designs you have seen on other bloggers’ sites, then this step-by-step, hands-on tutorial will get you there in a minute or two.

Even though the Image Widget is the easiest and the most common way Wordpress bloggers use to feature visuals in their widget areas, there are many other beautiful image-focused widgets, namely the Instagram Widget, Flickr Widget and the Gallery Widget.

Widgets for Building Your Community

There are several powerful widgets that are designed specifically to help foster a sense of community and engage your visitors on your blog. Some of the most common mainstays are the Follow Blog Widget, Top Posts & Pages Widget, and the My Community Widget. This article comes with all of the information that you’ll need to grasp to master these widgets.

Using the Widget Visibility Settings

As a blog manager, you are in full control over which widgets to be displayed, which to be tucked away on each section of your website. Here in this post, you will be guided thorugh an instruction on how to do that.

Designing an Effective Sidebar (or Footer)

Beside deciding which individual widgets to be displayed on your sidebar, it is also important that the overall appearance and functionality of your sidebar are looked after as a whole. This post provides you with an overview of all the things you will need to consider to design a sidebar that best fits your needs.


Above is a compact roundup of How to use widgets effectively on WordPress. Hope these little effort would bring you great result.