The instruction for transfering ownership to another account in Wordpress

The instruction for transfering ownership to another account in Wordpress will be an ideal match for you if you would like to remove ownership from one deceased user to another user in some unwanted circumstances.

At first, I am so sorry for your loss, no matter who he or she is, I hope you will get through this.

There are a huge number of people leaving our living world every day, even when most of us don’t want this thing to happen. Wordpress has a supportive policy for those people who have family member or friend who has just kicked the bucket and also a site owner.

For this matter, Wordpress will let you - the deceased owner’s family member or friend determine the department of his or her blog account. On the whole, Wordpress will let you opt for some directions, specifically deleting that account or keeping it under the other’s user by transfering it.

Folow the step-by-step instructions below to get a clear vision about transfering ownership of a site to another account.

Table of content

1. Login status

2. Logout status

1. Login status

If you still have the access right to the deceased account, this case is becoming less complicated. Because you just need to log in that person’s account on Wordpress and then do a few steps to transfer ownership to another account.

There are three main steps that you need to do.

Firstly, Start your blog transfer by opening the My Blogs page. You will see the Transfer Blog link appears when you move your mouse over the site you would like to transfer. Click it then the transfering option section will appear.

For the second part: Select New Owner

At this stage, you can select who you would like to own that account. Wordpress will ask you a warning message for confirmation. If you wish to continue with the transfer, click the box next to “I understand, now let me continue”

There will be a blog turns up, enter the username or email address of the user you want to transfer the site to, then click Transfer Blog.

The last part is for checking your Email and confirming transferral. After confirming to change the user, you have to check your email address’s inbox. If there is a new mail, read it carefully then hit a click to the link included in the mail for confirmation.

Your blog transfer will not be completed until you click the link.

After directing to the link successfully, you will see a confirmation message once your transfer is complete.

2. Logout status

In this circumstance, you need to prepare for a more complicated process.

The very first thing you need to do is to notify about a deceased user by sending an email to [email protected] Remember to include these things: the user name or e-mail address for the account, the URL/site address, a short explanation of the situation, and the action for the site in your message to us.

For your action is to transfer ownership to another account, you will need to pay attention to the following attachment:

  1. A duplicated file of the deceased user’s death certificate from the authority.

  2. A legal document stating their authority to act on behalf of the deceased, or a signed, notarized statement. You must include:

    • Their first and last name
    • Their current contact information
    • Their email address
    • Their relationship to the deceased user
    • The action they’re requesting

This case is obviously more time-consuming for you, but I hope that you will understand that we are having privacy cautions.


What you have just read are all the things that I want you to know to solve your problem. These might seem complicated but trust me, it just takes you a short amount of time to fix your problem. If there is any trouble while practicing, let us know, we will give you the solution.