How to change the username in Wordpress

Changing the username is used to be difficult for people as it is the unique identity for each user. However, things are now totally possible for WordPress users.

Username is the identification that is used by a person in order to access to a computer, network or online service. This is how the computer, online network recognise and locate you, and also connect you to other users as well. Which is why people are allowed to have one username only without any changing. If they want to have their username reformed, they are compelled to sign up for a new account with a different email address. Otherwise, they can change their display name (nickname) which is the one to be seen on the top of your page, posts or comments, instead of username.

Thankfully, WordPress users now feel free and satisfied with that this website lets its users alter not only display name but also their account username. Username normally is changed adapting user’s demand, as that person find it not suitable for them at that moment. Therefore, this permission is really helped. Nevertheless, remember that once you have your username changed, there will not be a way back. The old name will no longer be available for you and anyone else to use and you are not able to get a new different one as well. Unless it is necessary for you to have a new username, take under consideration about rename your display name temporarily only.

In today’s topic, you will be directed how to have your username renamed in WordPress.

Table of Contents:

Step 1: Log into

First and foremost, sign in your existing username for WordPress website.

Step 2: Enter the username you want

Next step, go to Account Settings. On the username field, replace your existing username by a new one.

how to change the username

Step 3: Confirm new username

There will be a box requiring you to retype your new username in order to confirm it. Enter it again.

how to change the username

Step 4: Change or create a matching blog address

This step is to let you change or make a new matching blog address:

  1. If your current username matches your blog address:
    • Choosing “Yes, change to match my new username and discard the old address” will change the address of your current blog. (Illustrate that your new username is newusername, your blog’s address will be transferred to And you cannot use the old address again.)
    • Choosing “Yes, change to match my new username and create an empty blog with the old address” will change the address of your current blog (illustrate that your new username is newusername, your blog’s address will be transferred to, and create a bare blog at your former blog address.
  2. Choosing “Yes, create a new blog to match my new username” will create a new blog for you. Illustrate that your new username is newusername, the new blog will be
  3. Choosing “No, don’t create a matching address” will change your username only without making any changes to your blog address.

Step 5. Save username

After finished all the steps above, check carefully all the information shown on the page. Remember that you only have one chance to change your username. Once the change is done, the old name will no longer be reused and no-one can have access to it including you. URLs for other services such as Gravatar may be affected. Click Save Username when you’re done to ensure the check, to save your changes and update your username.

Now you can start your WordPress again with a new username.

For more detail, watch the following video for a quick look on the guidance:

Watch the video


The step-by-step instruction above is to help you to reform your WordPress username. We hope that you find it helpful to follow the guidance. Please let us know if there is any problem so far.