How to set up a Music website or blog in WordPress

Sometimes, you might not need an expert to inform you how important music is to people’s lives. Therefore, no matter you are on the way to greatness or loved by millions, WordPress still serves well as a digital hub at which you can tell stories for fans, list your gigs or showcase the songs.

To set up a Music Website or Blog

How to set up a Music Website or Blog

  • Step 1: To get started, you had better begin setting up a new account at

  • Step 2: Pick up a theme.

In this step, you can apply every theme at WordPress for your music site and WordPress can tag several themes that they think those themes are able to work well for sites of musicians.

  • Step 3: It is time for you to customize your themes by inserting a header image.

  • Step 4: Tell your own story. Your fans will love all of your stories as well as your passion to create music, hence, let’s tell them about it soon. You can start with the about page, then place it through the meat grinder. Then, you can start writing.

  • Step 5: You had better make sure to insert some photos.

  • Step 6: Add several videos since videos are known as one of the greatest ways to share the music. Now, you are able to embed video services.

  • Step 7: In case you want to get video files and audio uploaded into your WordPress media library, you might need WordPress’s paid plans. Uploading your audio files cannot be completed with WordPress’s personal plan while uploading videos is possible on the Premium or Business Plans.

  • Step 8: In case you are a BandPage user, you can grab the BandPage Widget.

  • Step 9: List the upcoming gigs by using the Upcoming Events widget.

Promote to your fans

You can follow these steps below to help promote to your fans.

  • Step 1: Set up the Follow Widget to allow every user to subscribe to the posts by emails.

  • Step 2: Get your new posts published to the social media sites by getting them connected by using Publicize.

  • Step 3: Insert the social media sharing buttons to your pages and posts.

  • Step 4: Podcast your own music or stories as well as submit them to your iTunes.

Lots of people might wonder how they can pick the best themes for their brand. The answer is that you can start by searching through the themes which are tagged for the music; however, you should take note that you can get the widgets set up as well as the promotion features for the WordPress theme.

In addition, can users view more showcase examples? Yes, of course. You can check the WordPress’s user showcase.


We hope that with this above article on how to set up a Music Website or Blog on WordPress, you can feel more confident in manipulating all steps. If you have any issues or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us by leaving us a comment.