How to modify menu settings on WordPress for iOS

A menu contains links to other sections or posts of your site that it can appear or be hidden under the menu button on your WordPress blog. In addition, the menu can look different in mobile and desktop view that you can customize both to fit your purposes and taste. For the WordPress app, you can download and install it on Android and iOS products, however, the configuration for these two operating systems are different. Therefore, in this post, it is all about the method to modify menu settings on WordPress for iOS, the steps for Android users will be presented in other writing.

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Step 1: Open a site

Get access to your app and go to My sites which stays on the left side of the bottom bar. You will have to choose a site that you want to change the menu settings if you own more than one site within a WordPress account. If you are not, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select Menus

There is a list of options on your screen display that you need to scroll down until you see the Personalise section. You will see two other types of settings under it, which are Themes and Menus, hence, tap on the later to see more detailed settings.

Step 3: Change the settings

In the first drop-down menu, you can see there are three areas you can set up the menu which are Primary menu, Secondary menu and Footer menu. Pick one of them which you want to customize its settings. Below it, there is another drop-down menu which is under the Uses section. You can also see the number of menus available on your site and if you want to see details, press on the down arrow. After that, open the menu that you want to make adjustments and all the information related to it will be displayed right below.

You can edit the name of the menu by tapping on the pencil icon and enter the new title you want to use for the menu and select Done. If you do not want this menu to appear on your site or you want to delete it in other words, press on the trash icon right next to the pencil symbol. Moreover, you can edit the links of the menu by selecting it. For example, in the beginning, the Our Story item is a page and you want to change its type, press on < and pick a new one. You can choose between page, link, category, tag, post and testimonials to be your menu items. After making your choice, tap on Ok at the bottom of the screen display to save your settings.

In case you want to add more items for the menu, press on the plus icon then select whether to put it above, below or one to children then fill in the needed information for it. You have to specify the type of the item, its name and link then choose OK to save. You can also change the order of the items by dragging the icon to the place you want. If you are satisfied with your menu, select Save on the top right to complete.


In summary, this topic has provided you with the instructions of how to edit menu settings on WordPress for iOS. This process is delivered in a very easy to understand and follow the way that I hope you can appreciate my efforts to bring you with such detailed content. Read for more information on How to modify your menu settings on WordPress for Android.