How to insert a new product into WordPress

Before you are shown how to insert a new product into WordPress, let’s spend time on seeing how product categories, attributes, and tags work on WordPress.

To insert a new product into WordPress

How products work on WordPress {how-products-work-wordpress}

Product Categories

In fact, product tags and categories work in a similar way with normal tags or categories you have got when you write posts on WordPress. Those tags and categories can be generated, changed and chosen at any time, which can be done as you generate a product or return and modify the tags or categories especially.


Attributes can be inserted into each product. Another way is that you can set up the global attributes for your whole store.

Product Types

With categories and attributes that are set up as well as stock management configured, you can start adding your products. However, the initial thing you need to do is choose and make a decision on what type of your products are.

How to add a new product to WordPress {how-add-new-product-wordpress}

To help you add a new product on WordPress, you can refer to some of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Head to WooCommerce -> Products -> Add Product. Or you can click on Add a product button located at the top of the right corner of your store dashboard.

how to insert a new product

  • Step 2: As you add and edit a product, you have to fill in several fields to help track your product’s details.

how to insert a new product

Product name: your product’s name.

SKU stands for the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) used to track your inventory in your own store. Take note that this needs to be unique for every product.

Description: for a detailed product’s description.

Images: an image or a gallery for that product to be added.

how to insert a new product

Additional details:

  • Type: known as an attribute which is relevant to your product, but it does not relate to the variation of your products and stays constant for product items.

  • Values: known as the terms of given attributes.

how to insert a new product

Category: like post categories, product categories let your products be classified in your store using a category taxonomy.

Featured: You should bear in mind that your products will be promoted along with your whole store by getting this toggle enabled in case your themes support a store-wide-banner.

how to insert a new product

Price: the price of your products

Dimensions: the width, the length, and height of the product but it must be in specified units.

Weight: Your product’s weight in specified units.

Don’t forget that those store units can be simply modified in the Shipping Settings.

  • Step 3: If your products are various on one and more attributes, you can enable or toggle the option which your products have variations.

Variation type: an attribute which is related to your products varying for many product items.

Values: the terms of the attribute given where terms can create a variation of your products.

One more thing you should remember is that the combination of possible variations can be generated depending on the number of values for every variation type.

Inventory: the number of a specific variation in your stock.

Price: the cost of a specific variation.

Dimensions and weight: the width, height, length and weight of a specific variation.

Image: In case a variation picture has not been set up, your product’s featured images will be shown by default. If you want personal variations to possess their images, you can easily set this by choosing this icon below:

how to insert a new product

Remember that price, dimensions, inventory, weight values for variations will be set or changed in bulk by filling in the value located at the top of your grid in a line for All variations. In addition, personal variation values will be modified after a bulk change is applied. But, you should take note that changing the bulk can lead to overwriting any personal variation values.


As you think there are too many things to remember in this instruction, don’t rush and just become slow down. Basically, those steps on how to insert a new product into WordPress is not something difficult for you to perform. If you think this article helpful, do help us share this on your social channels and let us know if you want to get assisted also.