How to get Paypal button code on WordPress

Ushering customers to the payment buttons on your site is simpler than ever with the Simple Payments button. This feature is now available for the Premium and higher plans, as well as on Jetpack websites that run version 5.2 or higher.

In this instructional writing below, you would be guided through a compact roundup with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on How to get PayPal button code on WordPress.

Overall, to get a Paypal button code, you will first need to have the Paypal link, as well as the button image URL. After having both of these items ready, you will be guided to use the following code in a customizable HTML block or widget in order to create the complete, embedded button:


In these four following steps, you will be guided to add the Donation type button. However, this is just an example for illustration, as you could follow the same direction to add any other buttons that PayPal offers.

To get Paypal button code on Wordpress

Before you add a PayPal button to your posts, pages, or sidebars, the first thing to do is to get a code of the PayPal link from your PayPal account:

Log in to PayPal

First, go to the PayPal website and log in to your PayPal account.

Go to Buton

After you’re logged in, go to the Button section to view a list of all the buttons you could add:


Select the specific button you want to add.

In this example, we have selected the Donate button. If you want to use other button types, see this section instead.

Make any modifications that you need

On the next page, there are several settings being displayed for you to review and make any changes if necessary. After you are done, click the Continue button.


Setting up the listed organizations to receive donation

Next, set up which organization you would want to be displayed in the listed organization upon receiving donation: This could either be your account name or your email address.


Set up types of currency and amount of donation

After that, choose the type of currency and the amount of donation donors can give. Then select the blue Finish and Get Code button.


Select Shareable URL, then click Copy to Clipboard

On the next page, select the Shareable URL on the menu at the top of the page, then select the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the URL.


Step 2: Getting the Button Image

After having the PayPal URL copied in your clipboard, you will have several button image options on display to choose from.

Choose the image you like best for your button, and copy the URL next to it.


Step 3: Putting it all together

After the two long steps, you have now got the PayPal URL from step one, along with the image URL that you want to use from step two, it’s time to put them together!

First, create a new Custom HTML block in your page or post. Then, type in the following code:


  • Replace YOUR PAYPAL LINK HERE with the PayPal URL you got in Step 1

  • Replace IMAGE URL HERE with the image URL that you have chosen in Step 2

  • Add alt text, the text to be displayed in case the image could not be displayed, for Your alt text here.

  • Don’t forget to leave the quotation marks around both the links as well as the alt text!


Step 4: Save your image

That’s it! It’s all done!


Above is a quick and easy-to-follow instruction How to get Paypal button code on WordPress. Hope it has been helpful to you.