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How to embed Ebooks in a WordPress blog on WordPress

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Internet Archive is an online, open, non-profit library that stores millions of free digital books, music, movies, websites, softwares and more. The Open Library and the Internet Archive’s Text Archive (Archive.org) are two of its initiatives with more than six millions of free digital books that any Internet users could access online. One of the nifty features the Internet Archive offers is the way that it allows you to embed ebooks on webpage.

As a Wordpress.com blogger, you could embed any of these digital books in your blog posts or pages, so that your site visitors could read these books right on your blog without having to redirect to another site. If you are looking for a way to do that, read on!

In this article below, you will be guided through a step-by-step, easy-to-follow instruction on How to embed Ebooks in a WordPress blog on WordPress. The process is very simple, whether you are in your 20s or 60s.

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Step 1: Find a book listing

First and foremost, after you go to the Internet Archive's Text Archive, or the Open Library website, find the book listing for the book that you would like to embed on in your blog. For instance, this is the listing for a book named "An Experiment with Time" on the website archive.org.


Step 2: Go to View the Book and choose Read Online

To the right of the book listing page is the View the Book column. Click on the Read Online option at the top of the column.


Step 3: Click the share symbol with the three connected dots

Now, you have accessed the full online interactive version of the Ebook. Click on the share symbol, the three connected dots in the upper right of your browser window, right to the left of the audio button.


As you clicked the share symbol, a pop up window will appear with several links. Copy the Embed a mini Book Reader link, the one in the bottom.


Finally, log in to your Wordpress.com blog, go to the Text editor, and paste that copied link directly into the text box. Save or update the page, and the iframe code of that Ebook link will automatically be transformed into a shortcode in the following format:

[archiveorg-book AnExperimentWithTime/Dunne-AnExperimentWithTime width=480 height=430]

Besides, after you have already got the shortcode embedded in your blog post, you could customize the size of the Ebook so that it best fits your blog appearance. In order to do that, simply change the height and weight parameters in that line of shortcode. Remember that all these sizes are measured in pixels.

Important note:

There is a thing you need to notice about the Open Library’s eBooks lending library: the embedded code will work for any book from the online eBook lending library, but only when you have the book checked out, and others won't be able to view that book.


Above is a quick and easy-to-follow instruction How to embed Ebooks in a WordPress blog. Hope you have found it helpful.

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