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How to configure a blog in 5 steps in Wordpress

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How to configure a blog in five steps in Wordpress will carefully instruct you on creating your very own Wordpress blog in the most concise way. The process includes five different steps that will help you to have your very own blog in the easiest way.

1. Choose a theme

There are hundreds of themes that Wordpress offers for all types of web projects. If you want to choose a theme, hit click on Themes to launch the showcase. You can use the search bar to type in keywords to narrow your search. Moreover, it's also your privilege to filter free and premium themes.

For the Premium themes, you can purchase it individually, or if you've chosen a yearly plan, you may have access to our premium themes by default.

In order to preview a theme, hover over the thumbnail and launch the demo site. You can even make changes to it before you activate it on your blog.

2. Update your title and tagline

You need to create or edit your blog's name and tagline by clicking on Customize and on Site Identity. This information will appear in your browser at your website, and also in search results.

3. Add a site icon

Look under Site Identity, you will see a category to add a site icon. You will need to use a site icon because it represents your site across the WordPress network.

In order to create it, you just have to choose a small square one, and upload it by clicking on the select image. Then, the icon will be shown across WordPress in your visitor's browser tab and in widgets.

4. Create a custom menu

There is a default menu in your blog on Wordpress, which is populated by the pages that you create. You can control which links and pages appear in your menu, create a new custom menu to override the default one. Just select Customize and go for the Menus. Click on Add Menu, then give your new custom menu a name to sort out from others.

After that, it's your job to add an item, choose a menu item type from the list.

5. Add share button

I assume that your new blog is starting to look more and more unique and beautiful. Moreover, you should also give your users a way to express how much they appreciate your content by activating Likes, Comments, and Sharing Buttons.

You can add the Share button by accessing My Sites. You will notice the Sharing section on the Sharing Buttons tab. Finally, it's your job to add the buttons you want, set the button style and edit the settings to add them to your website.


That's a wrap! That's all you need to get going. Now you're ready to publish on your brand new blog. If any problems are occurring in the process, just feel free to ask us any questions and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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