How to apply a page template in Wordpress

How to apply a page template in Wordpress is about using Wordpress page Template. If you are looking for some ways to utilize your custom page, don’t go anywhere because this article is for you.

As you might already notice that many WordPress sites have different layouts for different pages because Wordpress gives users permission to change their own pages on the front end of the site with a wide range of layouts. For example, you can put your sidebar on the left and then change it to the right by using other templates. That is to say, you can flexibly adjust your page’s appearance with both provided and custom page templates.

But what is page template in Wordpress and how can we use them? Let’s jump into this tutorial, and a few moments of reading this will answer your questions for good.

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1. What is a page template in Wordpress? {#1-what-is-page-template-in-wordpress}

Page templates are a specific type of template file, which can be applied to a particular page. It includes font, style, format, tables, graphics and other elements that you usually found on a Web page.

When you create posts and pages in Wordpress by default, your WordPress theme displays the outlooks of your pages by using a template file. Every page that you create in WordPress can be edited via this file.

However, not all pages should be the same. There must be some little changes in details of the template that makes your website’s appearance more unique and even more useful. So, Wordpress enable you to create your custom page template.

2. How to apply a page template for your website? {#2-how-to-apply-a-page-template-for-you-website}

From your website screen, go to Edit page or Add a new page at the Pages menu that located in the Wordpress Dashboard. The next step is finding the Page Attributes section.

How to apply a page template in Wordpress

There will be a list dropped down for displaying available page templates. You will see different page template options in the drop-down menu from Wordpress because what you see is based on your WordPress theme.

More specifically, for one Wordpress theme, you will be given the privilege to choose between Default template, a Front page template or a Full-width page template.

With page templates, you can change your pages’ appearance at your convenience and also the location of your certain page elements in a flexible way.

Previewing your WordPress Page Template will illustrate what your selected template would look like when applying to your page. In order to test the look of your page when it has a template on, select a page template, then you can preview the changes.

Last but not least, when you are satisfied with what you have done to your page, confirm that it is the right one for you before clicking Publish. Now, your work is done.


So that was the whole parts for applying a template to your Wordpress page. I am sure that you will meet no difficulty in practicing the procedure. However, if you did, we are always here to receive your responses and also your questions about this matter. We really appreciate your contributions. Thanks for your reading time!