How to modify your site settings on WordPress for iOS

It is such a convenience that a number of tools and applications are now available to use on mobile devices, like smartphone or tablet. Because these products are easy to bring with you to any place, you are able to access these applications anywhen you need. For WordPress users, you can simply download the app for Android and iOS via Play Store and App Store respectively that you can complete all kinds of work as you are using a PC.

One of the most important settings on WordPress is the site options and you can also customize them with the app. Therefore, if you want to modify your site settings on WordPress app, you can follow this topic. However, due to the differences in the operating system, this process is different for the Android and iOS users that this post will focus on the later only.

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Step 1: Open a site

Login to the WordPress app on your iOS device and press on My sites on the bottom bar. If you have more than one site, you need to select the one that you want to change the settings. Otherwise, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Choose Settings

A menu with multiple sections will appear on your screen that you need to scroll down until you see the Configure part. Tap on the Settings which has a gear icon next to it.

Step 3: Make the adjustment

The detailed options will be displayed which includes three main sections, General, Writing and Advanced. In the General, there are five fundamental settings that you can make changes. Firstly, the Site Title allows you to change the name of your current site by pressing on it and replacing with a new one. You can do the same with the Tagline. For the Privacy, you can choose between three statuses including Public, Private and Hidden. Finally, you can change the Language displayed on your site by pick one from the Popular languages provided by WordPress.

The Writing is options associated with posts and categories on your site. In the Related posts, you can see the Preview of your adjustments right below the options. In particular, you can customize how the related posts appear under your posts with three options, Show related posts, Show header and Show images. You just need to tap on the button next to the option to activate it, if it turns blue, the setting is enabled, otherwise, it is disabled. You can set up things correlated to the comments by pressing on the Discussion.

The last section is the Advanced which you can download all of your content on the site by selecting Export content. If you do not want to use and manage this site, you can also delete it by tapping on Delete Site. In case you want some help, you can choose Start over to contact the support team.


In short, this writing is all about the process of changing site settings on WordPress for iOS devices. It is so simple that you can complete all the steps within five minutes and easily achieve your aims. This process is also important because you can use it quite frequently, hence, hope that you can get some benefits from this.