How to like a post on your site in Wordpress

A like button (also called recommend button or like option) is a significant feature in communication software like social networking services, news websites, blogs, and Internet forums in which people can freely express their emotions, feelings, opinions that they like, support, or agree with the content.

In this guide, we will take a look at How to like a post on your site to know more deeply about this topic.

To like a post on your site

How to like a post on your site

Let’s assume that you have found a specificly great post on and you would like to tip you hat to its author and give her or him credit. You can see the Like button at the bottom of the post:


Please hit the button and then, the button will be changed to express that you have liked the post, and your Gravatar will be shown as a visual indicator of your appreciation:


Your Gravatar is clickable to linked to your Gravatar profile. In case you have not cofigured or updated your Gravatar profile, you are allowed to do that jub by going to Me → My Profile right in your homepage.

Over time, the number of Likes will definitely increase as the post grows in its popularity. There will be a row of Likes displayed like this:


To view the rest of the Likes, please click on the total count, and the rest of the Likes will immediately be displayed in a pop-up, which is scrollable.

To unlike a post, you just need to simply hit the Like button again. Then, the Like button will be remove from the post. Clicking the button will toggle the status.

How to review posts you like

It is very easy and fast to review all the posts on that you have liked, please visit your Reader and go to My Likes section:


Likes and your site

All blogs on do display the Like button (and the gallery of Gravars for bragging rights, also) under every post by default.

You are allowed to choose for Likes (and other sharing buttons) to display on your media files, your pages, and/or on the archive pages, front page, and search results of your web. Please go to Sharing → Sharing Buttons in your blog’s homepage. Right under Options, which is located next to Show buttons on, please choose the location that you want your Likes (and other sharing buttons) to be displayed:


Please kindly note that choosing “Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results” means that the Like button will be displayed on the front page of your blog, below each post, rather than only if a reader clicks through to the individual post.

In case you want to hide Like button, please find the Reblog & Like setting and disable the option in Sharing → Sharing Buttons. Any Likes, even the Like button, will not be displayed on your new posts or pages any longer although the Like button will still appear in readers’ toolbars and in the Reader.

Please kindly note that the options on the Sharing → Sharing Buttons page controls the default for new posts which are generated after the settings are changed, those options do not have any influences on already published posts. To make changes to the Likes option for already-published posts, you will need to individually configure every post (or modify them in bulk), as described below.

Enable Likes on particular posts or pages

To dipslay or get Likes hidden for an individual page or post, you can modify the post or page and then look for the Sharing module on the left hand side:


Enable Likes on particular media files

Please kindly note that the instructions from this guide are referring to the WordPress Admin dashboard. You are allowed to get to this dashboard by inserting /wp-admin to the end of your website’s URL. For instance,

To dipslay or get Likes hidden for individual media files, please look for the file in your WordPress Admin Media Library and click on the media file of your choice. Then, a window will open and you will need to click on Edit More Details. Look for the Likes and Shares module (you might have to scroll down a bit to find it) located on the Edit Media screen that opens:



The like button is a great way to express your appreciation for a specific post or for its author:


Your Gravatar will be dipslayed next to the button when you simply click it. To unlike, please hit the button again. Each blog does indlue the Like system although you are able to have control over whether Likes are shown on your site.