How to insert the Widget

It becomes more and more convenient for WordPress users when they are now able to embed the Widget right on their sites in order to invite people to join them in a web chat. Accordingly, people totally can have online conversations with others while surfing website and reading blogs. [talk-eeo] is a web chat which is simply manageable to use. Its idea is to create a website that allows users to join a chat channel without having to signup or login. The website helps you with building a quick chat room, or an online meeting to share information with others or even if you just want to have a private online talk. There will be a URL and all you need is to share that link to invite people to join the channel with you, at no cost.

Inserting a chat room enables your site’s subscribers to take part in a casual group conversation which is typically around a common hobbies, interest or a specific topic. This not only makes your site become friendlier to your viewers but it can also help you to gain more visitors as the fact that there is never one person participating in a chat room. What is more, apart from looking for help from customer service, people can easily question on the chat channel.

So here is the method to add the Widget onto your site. In the following article, we are going to direct you how to add web chat to your WordPress.

Table of content:

Adding the Widget

Adding Chat to Pages and Posts

Adding the Widget

Step 1: Visit website to start a channel

Go to to begin the channel. All channels are available and free to access, including the random channels.

how to insert the widget

Step 2: Add the widget to your sidebar widget area

Firstly, move to your WordPress browser. On the upper left side, click My Sites. After selecting Design button, choose Customize. On the Customize tab, go to the Widgets area. Then add the widget to your sidebar widget area.

Step 3: Choose Title for the widget

Choose any Title for the widget or you also can skip it. The Channel setting must match your channel on

Step 4: Save the change

Click the Save button as the last step. Once finished all the steps, now you are able to start the chats from your sidebar.

how to insert the widget

What is more, the chat channel not only appears on Wordpress but it also be seen from the website as well.

how to insert the widget

Adding Chat to Pages and Posts

Besides inserting on website, WordPress also allows users to add chat to their pages and posts as well. There is a shortcode to embed

[tlkio channel=lobby height=800]

Copy the code and paste it on where it is supposed to be in the body of the post or page. Remember to rename your channel and choose a height that is suitable for your site. The code above is an example of a chat channel which has a height of 800.


The preceding step-by-step instruction is to help you to insert the Widget onto your WordPress website. We hope that the guidance is helpful for you to easily open chat room for you and website visitors. Please let us know if there be any problem.