The guideline for inputing links in Wordpress

The guideline for inputting links in Wordpress will make your Wordpress using experience easier when you want to add hyperlinks to other web pages from your content.

A link can be formed as a word, group of words, or image. When you insert a link, it can help direct you to a new page or a new section within the current page after clicking it.

Without a link, the visitors on your website might meet difficulties understanding some complicate information. What’s more, you can not put all the information that you want your visitors to understand. Because there might be some information that some people have already known and nobody wants to read through all of that.

That is to say, adding links in your Wordpress’s site is exactly what you need to understand.

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In the first stage, you need to select what link that you want to add from the Wordpress post or page editor. To do this, you have to highlight the text that you selected, then click the hyperlink icon in the block toolbar.

The guidline for inputing links in Wordpress

After selecting what you want to put in, there will be a box that allows you to enter the URL of your hyperlink and also a title displayed on the hover.

There is another way to open the link in a new tab by clicking this checkbox.

The guidline for inputing links in Wordpress

In circumstances that you prefer your post linking to existing content on your website, click on the expand section then you will see a search bar. It will enable you to search for your site and also show you a list of posts or pages created before.

In order to change the hyperlink URL above, just click on one of the items on the given list.

So now are you ready to have your hyperlink URL published? I am glad that you will be, all you have to do is to click the Add Link button. The text that you highlighted before now will have a link inserted.

In order to edit a link, you need to click on the link in the editor and look at the pencil icon. Click it to edit the URL then hit Enter to save your change.

In order to remove a link, you need to select the text again by clicking your text then it will be highlighted. Click the Unlink button located in the block toolbar. If you pay a bit attention, you will see that this has the same look as the link icon appeared earlier.


You have got you through some necessary information about add links for your Wordpress account and also the way to edit or remove it. Let’s try it out because it will not cost you anything and evaluate your using Wordpress’s experience. Have a good reading time!