How to embed Lytro with a Shortcode in Wordpress

How to embed Lytro with a shortcode in Wordpress will help you to figure out the way to add your living pictures on Lytro to your posts or pages.

While surfing on your site, your readers might see some living images and they want either to play it or leave your blog. Congratulations! This is totally possible for you if you want that circumstance to happen.

Thus, I will show you the necessary information that you need to know with a view to know to get your work done in the easiest way.

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1. Lytro setting up

The first and foremost action that you need to do is to set up the application of a Light Field Lytro camera and the Lytro Desktop. It will allow you to upload your living photos to

 How to embed Lytro with a Shortcode in Wordpress

Remember to set it in Public status because only by doing that, can you embed them into your Wordpress posts and pages.

2. Quick Embed

You can embed Lytro into your post in a rapid way by copying the picture’s URL on from your web browser’s address bar.

As usual, after copying a link, you should paste it on a line by itself in your Visual editor. Some links might be hyperlinked, be sure that it is not yours.

That’s a wrap! The Lytro URL is now automatically replaced with a living picture when you view your post or a page.

One of this method’s restriction is that it doesn’t give you permission to control the size of the picture and other parameters. However, don’t worry about that because I will introduce another method.

3. Embed with a Shortcode

For step 1, click the picture on to view it. More specifically, you need to open the share menu by using the Share button. Then select the Embed method which will lead you to copy the given embed code with the Copy button.

 How to embed Lytro with a Shortcode in Wordpress

For step 2, paste the embed code into the Text editor by choosing to create or to edit a post or page

For step 3, Update your post or page and then the iframe code will be converted in a Lytro shortcode in an automatical way.

As a result, you will see the shortcode has turned into a Lytro living picture when you view your post or page.

4. Shortcode Attributes

The photo’s attributes should be the photo ID and also the complete photo URL on Moreover, the username attribute in most cases should be your username.

Your embedded Lytro pictures cand also be customized via additional attributes, namely width, height and the show_border which is the image width in pixels, the image height in pixels and the border form around the image respectively.

This is a significant example usage of a Lytro shortcode, along with some of its additional attributes:

[lytro username=”lytroweb” photo=”431119” width=”300” height=”300” show_border=”false”]

In case there is any further assistance that you need for your Lytro living pictures, visit Lytro Support for more information.


You have just read an all-around article about the most basic ways for embedding Lytro with a shortcode. I hope you will find the information we provided you helpful and easy to follow.

Don’t forget to leave any comments below so that we can keep track with either your feedbacks or problems. Thanks for spending time reading with us!