How to embed an Instagram photo on WordPress for iOS

Instagram is a social network where users can upload a number of images and videos to share with others or simply to save their moments and memories. This storage can be a source for you when you are looking for photos or videos to add to your blog post on With the publication of the WordPress app, you can now insert an Instagram photo to your post using your smart devices. Hence, in this topic, we will show you how to embed an Instagram photo on WordPress for iOS.

To embed an Instagram photo on WordPress for iOS

Step 1: Head to My sites

Open the WordPress application on your device and press on My sites. After that, choose the site which contains posts that you want to insert Instagram pictures.

Step 2: Open a post

Press on Blog Posts and you will see the list of all of your posts appear. Tap on the one that you want to add an image to open its Editor. If you want, you can create a new post as well. After accessing the app, select the pencil icon in the center of the bottom bar to move directly to the Post Editor. Enter the header for the post in the Title field and the content right below the Title. Select Return on your keyboard to start a new line and be noted that when you add an image from Instagram to your post, it is compulsory to start with a new line.

Step 3: Go to Instagram app

Open the Instagram app on your device and head to the picture that you want to add in your post. Next, tap on the three dots ... icon on the right corner of the screen display and choose Share. It will move to another page and you will see the option Copy Link at the end then press on it.

Step 4: Paste the link to the post

Back to your WordPress application and paste the link to the Post Editor. To set up more settings for the post, select ... and Options respectively. You can add Categories and Tags for your post. Moreover, you can change the publication date and time, the Status and Visibility of the post. Scroll down and you can find the section to add Featured image and Location for the post as well. Besides, you will see the URL of the Instagram photo on your Editor only that if you want to see how it looks like when published, press on the ... icon and select Preview.

Step 5: Select Post/Update

When you are satisfied with the content and presentation of your post, select Post or Update to save your changes. If you make the adjustment for an existing post, you will see the Update button on the top of the screen display. Otherwise, you will see the Post button when you create a new post. In case you set the Status of the post as Draft, this button will be replaced by Save button. If you want to publish this post, change its status into Published and select Post respectively.


In summary, this writing has given you the guideline of how to embed an Instagram photo on WordPress for iOS. This process is simple to follow and practice that it will not take much of your time to complete. Moreover, it is a useful tool that you can apply many times to increase the attractiveness for your post. Hope that you find this topic helpful or at least you have good reading time. Read here for the related topic.