How to embed a Facebook update on WordPress

As we all know, Facebook is becoming one of the most well-known and popular social networks platforms today.

According to recent research, everyone whose blogs from the smallest to biggest ones possesses at least one page on Facebook.

In general, regarding all of the business, Facebook provides users with the most two important benefits below:

  • Social Proof: The more comments or likes you have on the Facebook page, the more promising customers will come to you and trust you.

  • Huge Potential Audience: Currently, it is estimated that Facebook is having over 1 billion users. In case you can have a chance to reach just a tiny portion of those users, you are able to increase your own potential customer base for your huge business. Whenever you have a Facebook page, you can reach close to people and have them like your page. Lots of people are now overlooking one of the simplest ways to promote their Facebook pages and posts is to embed them into your site. Therefore, in this article, we will show you on how to embed a Facebook update and page to WordPress websites.

To embed a Facebook update and page to WordPress website

Embed a Facebook page to a WordPress site

To get started, you had better install the Facebook Page Plugin on your site. You can install the plugin by heading to WordPress Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add New, then look for the plugin or download this from official websites.

Add a Facebook Page to A Page or Post

After installing the plugin, you can see that there is a new widget in your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Take note that this form can create a short-code automatically so that you can easily embed it into your post and page. There is only a mandatory section that needs filling in your Facebook Page URL section, which requires the URL of your Facebook Page.

Whenever you enter the URL in that field, a short-code will appear in the grey box located at the bottom of this form. All you need to do is to copy that short-code, then paste it in the post or page’s content. When you get them updated or previewed, you will see that the Facebook page is successfully embedded in the content to which you add that short-code.

Embed a Facebook update to a WordPress site

Now, in this part, we will show you how to embed a Facebook update in a page, post or even comments to a WordPress site.

All you need to do is to open the editor for the post you want to embed a Facebook update. Then, you can click on the position where you want your Facebook updates to go with and make sure that it is in the new line. Next, you can go to your Facebook and find the status you want to share. However, it must be the public update from the public timeline or the privacy settings will not allow it to be embedded.

To continue, let’s click on the time stamp of that update. You can be guided to be in the page for the personal update. Go ahead and copy the URL from your address bar. Paste the URL in the editor and finish. Don’t forget to click on Update or Publish to get your embed alive.

One more thing you should remember is that the action button is right there so that your readers can easily engage with your own update.


Since there are lots of people finding company website through Facebook, it is ideal to build up the bridge among the digital leads and your own followers. From posts to feeds as well as recommendations. You can simply introduce your visitors to your social side with no requiring them leaving your site. Hence,, we hope that this above tutorial on how to embed a Facebook update to WordPress sites can help you a hand in dealing with problems you are facing with. If you find this article helpful, do help us share it on your social channels.