How to embed a JotForm on a post or blog on Wordpress

JotForm is commonly known as a useful online application that enables anyone to quickly generate custom online forms. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes form building super simple and does not require administrators to write any single line of code. With JotForm, you are able not only to generate and publish many forms but also to integrate them into your website and receive responses via. email.

Now, let’s take a look at our instructional writing on How to embed a JotForm on a post or blog to know more deeply about the use of ‘include’.

To embed a JotForm on a post or blog

How to embed a JotForm on a post or blog

To integrate JotForm on your website, first, you will need to register for an account, and then, you can start generating forms. Please look down to the JotForm user guide for mire information about the method to do this.

  • Step 1: Tap the Publish button when the form is generated


  • Step 2: Tap PLATFORMS then choose


  • Step 3: Hit the COPY CODE button.

Copy Code button

- Paste the shortcode into the Visual Editor in the Classic Editor. - Insert a Shortcode Block and paste the shortcode in the Block Editor. - Go to Customize → Widgets and add a Text Widget in your sidebar or footer, which depends on your theme’s widget areas.

  • Step 4: In the next step, please tap the Publish button on your Post, Page, or Customizer. Here do we give you an example for how a JotForm will be dipslayed on your site:


JotForm FAQ

  • Why should you use JotForm?

In fact, this application can give you permission to generate online forms, collect responses directly in your email and create many fillable PDF forms, which insists of: Application Forms, Contact Forms, Registration Forms, Request Forms, Feedback Forms, Signup Forms, Order Forms, Booking Forms, Report Forms, Petition Forms, Tracking Forms, Upload Forms, Quote Forms, Membership Forms, Volunteer Forms, Wedding Forms, Payment Forms, Consent Forms, Content Forms, Calculation Forms, Award Forms, Subscription Forms, Recommendation Forms, Donation Forms, Sponsorship Forms, Abstract Forms, Evaluation Forms, Enrollment Forms, Polls, and so more.

It just takes only several seconds for JotForm to have your forms up and running. There are thousands of ready-to-use templates to make your form look stunning. In case you want to display different questions grounded in your customers’ ansers, its conditions tool are able to show to hide any form fields that you choose, it depends on how people answer former questions. JotForm also allows you to insert the logo of your company, beautiful background images and custom color schemes.

  • Can I create a form without any coding experiences?

Yes, you absolutely can! With JotForm’s drag-and-drop builder, you are not required any coding experience to generate a perfect form. Advanced users can go right into the HTML code and make adjustments, but there is no need, actually. With our Theme Designer, you are able to customize the style of your form with just a few clicks.

  • Am I charged for any fees?

For the free plan, not at all! JotForm has some subscription options, which includes a free plan. Free users have access to all of the same features as paid users, but with lower limits on form counts, upload space, form views, form submissions, submission storage, and the number of sub-user accounts.

  • Is my data protected with JotForm?

The fact is that JotForm takes the security of your data very seriously. By default, all JotForm standalone embed codes and form links are secure (SSL), and we give all users the permission to encrypt their data. JotForm also adheres to strict European data protection laws by allowing users to store their data on secure German servers if they choose.


Please kindly note that if you decide to downgrade your account, your data will still be securely stored like it always has been and as long as it does not go over the total submission storage on free accounts (which is 500). Please feel free to check your submission and data storage levels by tapping the icon of your account, wwich is located on the top right of your page when signed in and reviewing the progress bars.