How to configure a website in five steps in Wordpress

How to configure a website in five steps in Wordpress is a must-read article for you when you are intending to create your own website whether it is a personal blog, a portfolio, or a business site.

As we all know, WordPress has everything you need to create a powerful website. In this article, I will only show you the most basic way which includes the five steps of setting up a great website in general and on your very own WordPress site in particular. I won’t let you wait any more by going straight to the main point of this instructive article.

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1. Pick a theme

Interesting information here is that WordPress offers more than 300 themes for any type of web project that you can pick out to put into your website. In order to choose a theme out, hit a click on Themes section so that the showcase will be launched. If you meet difficulties while finding the theme as you wish, just use the search bar to type in keywords to narrow your search. That will help you a lot.

Wordpress also lets you filter the free and premium themes. In most cases, you can have access to our premium themes by default when you are searching for it. In order to preview a theme, just scroll over the thumbnail, and choose to launch the demo site to preview your website before publishing it.

2. Update your title and tagline

It’s now your job to update your website’s title and tagline. The process here is simple. You just have to opt for Customize on the right side of their screen and then on Site Identity which locates first of the lines to edit your website’s name.

The information that you need will appear in your browser when on your site, and in search results like the blank for you to enter the title and the tagline. Enter it and we will move to the next step.

3. Set a static homepage

While choosing a theme, there are two options for you to do with a homepage configuration. The first thing is when your homepage can display your latest blog posts by default. However, you can change it into a static homepage.

If you want to set a static front page, just create a new page and name it Home and then add a featured image to the page. Then it would be better when you also set this homepage to a homepage template a full-width template provided by the theme.

Finally, save your page, then launch the Customizer by clicking on Static Front Page. Subsequently, set your front page to the new page you created, and press Save.

You can repeat the same steps to create a blog page, and set it to display your latest posts.

4. Create a custom menu

There is one thing you need to know is that your website has a default menu that is populated by the pages you create. When you would like to control which links and pages appear in your menu, create a new custom menu to override the default one. There is still a way for you is to create a custom menu.

Firstly, Click on Customize and then on Menus. Then you have to hit a click on Add Menu then and give your new custom menu a name. When you are done, just add an item, choose a menu item type from the list.

5. Add Share button

At this final step, I think your new website is starting to look more and more beautiful and more you now. Moreover, you should also give your users a way to express how much they appreciate your content by activating Likes, Comments, and Sharing Buttons.

You can add Share button by accessing My Sites. You will notice the Sharing section on the Sharing Buttons tab. Finally, it’s your job to add the buttons you want, set the button style and edit the settings to add them to your website.


And that’s it! You’re well on your way to configure a website of your dreams in five steps. If you want more help, don’t be worried to contact us to give and receive more information. Thank you!