How to insert an iCalendar link in Wordpress

How to insert an iCalendar link in Wordpress is an instructive article that helps you to use Upcoming Events, which is a widget and a shortcode.

For someone who might not know what iCalendar is, it can be used to display a list of events on your site. This feature can be proper for any kind of event list, but the special thing is that it was created for musicians in mind so they can manage the web with a list of tour dates.

So, I won’t make you wait any more by directing straight to the instruction for inserting an iCalendar link in Wordpress.

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To begin with, an iCalendar link must be obviously provided. In order to get an iCalendar URL, you can use Google Calendar, which is a free calendar application from Google and you can use it to create a calendar.

Next, you have to access your Google Calendar and then selecting the settings link by hitting a click on the little arrow next to your calendar name.

How to insert an iCalendar link in Wordpress

Then, notice the name of the calendar you want to embed and click on the name. For this example, the name is “Tasks”.

How to insert an iCalendar link in Wordpress

Next to the Calendar Address, hit a click on the green ICAL button. After that, copy and paste the link, which begins with “http” and ends with “.ics”, that displays your content.

How to insert an iCalendar link in Wordpress

Finally, be sure that your calendar is public in the “Share this Calendar” section. If it is not, your calendar will be neither seen nor embedded on

2. Events List shortcode

By using an iCalendar URL and a shortcode, your problem in embedding a list of events into a post or page will be solved. You will need to embed the following shortcode into your post:[upcomingevents url=”ICALENDARURL”] at first. After that, you have to have your iCalendar URL replaced by the “ICALENDARURL”. Make sure that you’ve included quotes around the link in the shortcode. In case you want to limit the number of events that appear, you can add a number parameter to the shortcode, like number=3 for instance.

3. Events List widget

There is also another way for you to add a list of upcoming events: using a widget. For starters, go to the Widgets section in your Customizer, and then add the Upcoming Events widget to a widget area. Next, all you have to do is to copy your iCalendar Feed URL into the widget and save it.

Note: If a Google Calendar that has already been embedded after editing, it might take up to about 60 minutes for the changes to show up in your blog.

This is an example for the way that your fruit will look like:

How to insert an iCalendar link in Wordpress


That was all I want to show you on this time article about inserting an iCalendar link in Wordpress to your post or page. It might sound complex at first, but along with a little bit of attention, I believe that all you will nail it easily. If you want to know some additional information or answers about your problems, feel free to ask us via comments below or email. Thank you!