How to generate a post on WordPress for iOS

WordPress application is so useful that it allows users to do everything they want with their blog as if they are completing these activities with a computer. Hence, you can easily create a new post for your blog even when there is no computer around you. Because there are differences between iOS and Android that this writing will give you the introduction of how to generate a post on WordPress for iOS only. For information related to the uses for Android, please refer to other posts.

To generate a post on WordPress for iOS

Step 1: Select the pencil icon

Open the WordPress application on your device and press on the pencil icon staying in the center position on the bottom bar of the screen display. A new post editor will appear with the information related to the site on the top. If you have multiple sites, you can tap on the down arrow on the top and choose the one that you want to add a new post.

Step 2: Enter the needed information

There are fields in the Post editor that you need to complete. The first one is the Title where you have to fill in the name you want to use for your post. Below it is the area for entering text and media or in other words, this is the content zone of your post. You can choose the font effect and edit the presentation of the post. If you want, you can insert images, videos or audio files to your post by selecting the media icon and choose the one you want from your phone gallery or take a new one immediately.

Step 3: Edit the post settings

When you find that the content is fine, tap on the ... icon and choose Options to set up more settings for the post. Under the Taxonomy section, you can add the Categories and the Tags for your post. Press on the Categories and choose the one suits your post or if there are no available options, you can create a new category by selecting the plus button on the top right corner. For Tags, simply enter the name tag you want to use in the field next to it and separate tags by using commas.

In the Publish section, similar to the Pages, you can edit the Publish, Status and Visibility. Publish represents for the time you want the post to release, you can set both the date and time. The Status of the post can be chosen between Draft, Pending review and Scheduled. Lastly, the Visibility allows you to choose to let who see your post, you can set it as Public to let everyone see it or choose Password protected to limit the viewing of the post for a number of people. You can change it into Private as well then only you can see the post.

Moreover, you can select a photo from your photo library to be the Featured image for your post and add the location for your post as well. If you want to view the post to check its presentation, you can back to the post editor and tap ... then Preview to see how your post may look like when it is published.

Step 4: Tap on Post

If you are satisfied with your post, press on the Post button on the top of the screen display and the post will be released as you set up. In case you change the Status of the post to Draft, Post will be replaced by Save then tap on it.

If you want to publish any draft, go to the Blog posts and select Draft from the drop-down menu on the top. Open the draft you like and change the Status to Published and choose Post.


To sum up, I have given you the guideline of how to generate a post on WordPress for iOS. This process is quite similar to the steps to create a page then if you know one, you can easily practice and complete the other. Because posts are important items building up your blog and expressing your characteristics, you may apply this process frequently to update new things to keep your readers. Hope that you enjoy the reading time and find this topic helpful. Read here to know about how to generate a page on WordPress for Android.