How to enable/disable a post by voice on WordPress

Did you know that by taking a few simple actions of dialing a phone number, entering a secret code, and recording a voice message, you could publish audio posts to your Wordpress directly from your cell phone? All of this is made possible with Post by Voice. This is a Wordpress’ feature allowing you to conveniently publish your posts to your blog in no time. After taking those aforementioned set of actions, you could take a break and let the platform handle the rest.

Below is a detailed instruction that helps answer the question of How to enable/disable a post by voice on Wordpress. Take a look!

To enable/disable a post by voice

How to enable a post by voice

Before you could use Post by Voice, you first need to go to your blog and enable the feature, then generate a secret code. Remember to keep this code secret as it is unique to you and your blog.

Step 1: Go to My Blogs in Dashboard

First, visit the My Blogs section in Dashboard.

Enable/Disable a post by voice

Step 2: Enable Post by voice in the blog to be posted to

Find the blog you want to post to, then click the Enable button under Post by voice.

Enable/Disable a post by voice

Step 3: Call the listed phone number, enter secret code, and do as instructed

Next, call the phone number that is listed on your My Blogs screen. You’ll then be asked to enter the secret code, and follow some steps in the instruction.

Do as instructed, and you are ready to have your first blog posted by voice.

How to disable a post by voice

To disable Post by voice, simply click the Delete link under your secret key.

Enable/Disable a post by voice

Additional note

  • A recording’s maximum length is 60 minutes.
  • Try not to leave any blank space of 10 seconds of silence as the recording will automatically end.
  • Post by Voice does not require any upgrades
  • The feature is powered by the Twilio API.


Above is a simple step-to-step instruction on How to enable/disable a post by voice. With this feature, taking care of your Wordpress blog will be easier to breath than ever.