How to embed a Google Form in Wordpress

How to embed a Google Form in Wordpress is an elaborate article which will instruct you to add a Google Form to your Wordpress post or page.

If you exert yourself to figure out the way to embed a Google Form or find the way using a Wordpress plugin is too complicate for you. Then this article is for you. Because I will introduce you with this method utilize the function that Google gives us.

For some of you who might have already known, Google offers an embed functionality with its forms which you can use to embed them on any external website, including WordPress sites. There we go, moving to the main point of this article.

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1. Create a form

In order to embed a Google Form in WordPress, of course, you have to create one first. If you have not had one, now it’s your job to direct to the Google Forms website and select a blank slate or template.

How to embed a Google Form in Wordpress

At this step, be sure that you added a form name, a title, and also the description to your form. Remember that a name and an appropriate title can help the users a lot to know the form’s content.

Subsequently, you have to choose the fields you want to include. There are different types of validations so that it will help the users enter to understand the exact information you need.

There are different options for you to customize the form in your own way. You can change the custom backgrounds, images and even embed the videos as well. Click the Send button if you feel satisfied with the form to save the final one. If you can not notice that button, looking to the top-right corner when editing a form might help you.

How to embed a Google Form in Wordpress

2. Embed a form

From here, you will have three options to send the form to others which are using email, sharing the direct link, or using the embed code. In order to embed a form, you need to select the embed code option.

Then, you will see the embed code with some customization options after clicking that option. You need to enter the desired values in the fields, and also switch to ‘code’ tab by adding < > and copy the entire embed code into your blog

How to embed a Google Form in Wordpress

Now your job in Google Form website is done, we should move to your WordPress admin area to finish the rest of the tasks with your post or page that you want to embed in Wordpress.

In case you have not had a post yet, choose to create a new page or post, then what you have to do is to use the text area in the editor and paste the embed code that you copied before. After that, a new page or post will be created on your WordPress website, the embedded Google Form will be displayed.

In case you have already had one, choose to edit an existing page or post, then what you have to do is to edit the post, navigate to the text area and carefully scroll to the section where you would like to embed the form. You will see the form at the position that you paste the respective code is the position.

How to embed a Google Form in Wordpress

You can also select the Preview option if you want to confirm that you have placed the embedded Google form in the correct position by clicking the preview button. Hit Save button if the way the form looks satisfies you.

Then if you are not, it’s your privilege to change the position where the form is placed and also customize the Google Form from the Google Form interface.

I hope that you have made the changes you desire. All you have to do is to copy the embed code again and paste it carefully at the desired position inside the post. Check it again then save it.


That was the end of the instruction on embedding a Google Form in Wordpress. It is simple, isn’t it? I assume that most of you have no trouble while following my tutorial. However, if you do, feel free to ask us via email or comments below. Thanks for your reading time!