The instruction for customizing a new blog in Wordpress

The instruction for customizing a new blog in Wordpress is an ideal article for you if you are struggling to figure out the way to make a blog of your own. As you might have already known, WordPress is an amazingly powerful tool that allows you to build your blog in just about any way you can imagine.If you are thinking that your blog design looks pretty boring now, lucky you, I will show you how to change your design and layout in this article, together with a bunch of other cool tips and tricks for personalizing your blog. Let’s get started!

On the whole, there are two main actions that you can take to customize your new blog. They are picking a theme and adding some widgets.

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Pick a theme

Add some widgets

Pick a theme

Let’s go through the first matter: picking a theme.

As we all know, a theme is a template for your site. In Wordpress, also like on Blogger, we have over 300 themes and we add new options weekly. You can navigate to our Theme Showcase to explore your options in themes. It’s where you can sort themes by appearance and feature. More specifically, you can divide them into some categories like minimalist themes, grid-based themes, themes for photographers, themes for wedding sites, three-column themes, or whatever name that you choose.

There is also a Preview option for you by going from My Site → Themes on your homepage. As consequence, the preview opens the Customizer, which will permit you to control the outlook of fonts, colors, and other theme options. Custom fonts and colors require the Premium plan, and also the ability to edit CSS.

People often think that Wordpress only lets you reach its incredible function by upgrading, but they are wrong. There are lots of things you can customize like adding a header or background, uploading your logo, creating a static home page. They are all free.

Add some widgets

Next, I will demonstrate more clearly about adding some widgets

As Blogger, Wordpress’s widgets add more functions to your blog and help you pull in content from other online hangouts. There are a wide range of widgets available for you. There is a full list for you to check out. In order to add them, you need to head to your Customizer → Widgets. Then, you select the area of your site you want to add the widget to and finally add a widget.

One thing you need to know is that many widgets have configuration options, like “number of items to display” in the Recent Posts widget, like a link for your Flickr stream that you will need or other information from you. Others, like text and image widgets, are free-for-alls.

By the way, make sure to Save & Publish to make the changes in case you tweak a widget.


So that was the end of this time article about customizing a new blog in Wordpress. I hope that the information that I provided is helpful for your Wordpress experience. Don’t forget to leave comments below so that we can improve our quality via your contributions. Thanks for your reading time!