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Sunway themes has been purchased 159, rating: 4.82/5 based on 11 reviews.

Sunway  theme

Highlight features

  • Provide rooms rate's variation
  • Easily careate eye-catching pages
  • Enable adding taxes and additional fees
  • Support both online and offline payment
  • Manage seasonal pricing and rate effectively

Such an effective theme for any types of stores from the renting chalet, cabin, inn, hotels, etc, this Sunway is an essential tool for the online sellers to maximize their sales and customer’s satisfaction. To achieve their success, the freevision vendor provides the shop owners with updated technology and outstanding functionalities. Sunway theme can help the users to build a helpful rental website with simple steps after one-click installation.

This WordPress theme fully suits all the needs of any store owners because of these highlight features. Firstly, Sunway provides the rooms rate’s variation which allows the customers to leave their comments on the sites. Moreover, the online sellers enable building a beautiful and neat site on their own. Sunway also allows the users to add the taxes and fees into their prices. With Sunway, it is possible for them to manage seasonal pricing and rate effectively. Especially, this theme also supports both online and offline payment so the shoppers can buy their favorite items more easily.

Thanks to the integration of off-the-shelf property management and WordPress, this theme is effective for the store owners to manage the multiple-purposed shop within an admin page. Performing with beautiful galleries, this theme will impress the shoppers with the best images.