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18+ Best wordpress Site Migration Apps in 2024

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18+ Best Shopify Site Migration Apps from hundreds of the Site Migration reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from AVADA Commerce Ranking which is using AVADA Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by AVADA Commerce experts, if your app about Site Migration does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Site Migration app collection is ranked and result in May 19, 2024, the price from $0. You find free, paid Site Migration apps or alternatives to Site Migration also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

Quick Comparisons of the Best Shopify Site Migration Apps

LogoApp NamePricingAction
All-in-One WP MigrationAll-in-One WP Migration0
WP StagingWP Staging0
Migrate GuruMigrate Guru0
WP Migrate DBWP Migrate DB0
FG Drupal to WordPressFG Drupal to WordPress0
WP Engine Automated MigrationWP Engine Automated Migration0
Automated Joomla To WordPress MigrationAutomated Joomla To WordPress Migration0
WordPress Migration & DuplicatorWordPress Migration & Duplicator0
WP SynchroWP Synchro0

#1 All-in-One WP Migration by ServMask

All-in-One WP Migration

This is a plugin that helps you duplicate your WordPress site and move it to a new location without hassle. You are not required any technical skills to do this, with All in one WP migration, the work will be done in no time.

First of all, this works with a wide range of host and operating system, giving you loads of choice when working on a different interface. Moreover, since the plugin understands that the common maximum upload file is 2MB, it allows you to keep your web's size under 2MB so that you can easily export your entire website. When using this plugin, you don't need to have any PHP extensions because it works well with PHP from v5.2, and it supports all drivers your webserver partners with. In addition, it gives you the option to use find and replace feature for as many data as you want, at the same time, it fixes any serialisation issues during the export process. You don't need to worry because this plugin is compatible with almost all versions of WordPress.

All in one WP migration comes with great customer support and detailed FAQ to help customers understand and be assisted when needed. Therefore, all of your questions are welcomed.

Features Highlights

  • Work with a wide range of host and operating system
  • Keep your web's size under 2MB
  • Works well with PHP from v5.2
  • Unlimited use of find and replace feature
  • Be compatible with almost all versions of WordPress
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#2 Duplicator by Snap Creek


Are you worried about losing data on your website and have no backup to recover them? Or you just simply want to reuse your favorite theme again. We have got the perfect solution for you. Duplicator is a WordPress plugin which allows you to make a copy of your work.

Firstly, it allows you to move, migrate or duplicate a WordPress site from site to site. Or, it will compress all the themes, content and database in a zip file which you can easily move to any location you want, Because the package consists of all site file, it will not require the installation of WordPress. It minimizes the risk of losing content and file by allowing you to manually backup the whole WordPress site or just parts of it, your choice. Moreover, you can also transfer a site from one host to another. This plugin also enables you to migrate a full WordPress site without importing or exporting sql scripts. Therefore, you don't need much coding and tech skills to use this plugin.

With the pro version, you can even schedule the time to do back up and use other sites like Google Drive, Dropbox to store data. Install it now to protect your data. One can never be too careful!

Features Highlights

  • Move
  • migrate
  • duplicate a WordPress site
  • Compress all the content
  • themes
  • database in a zip file
  • Allow backup the WordPress site or part of it
  • Transfer a site from one host to another
  • Migrate a full WordPress site without coding knowledge
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#3 WP Staging by WP-Staging

WP Staging

Whether it is for a new website or just to be careful, you should always have your site copied in order to recover if there are any losses. WP Staging will help you do that without hassle, all you need to do is to install and let it do the work.

First of all, it enables you to duplicate your entire site without requiring any coding knowledge. You can find the extracted copy in a sub-folder of your main WordPress installation. To help it be more effective, the plugin in will use the search and replace feature to search and replace all the serialized links. In addition, the whole duplication process will be done in the background, your work will not be disturbed by its operation. The time it runs depends on the size of your website, sometimes you need to be patient and wait a bit. One more awesome feature of this plugin is that your site will be protected from being broken when you install an unreliable plugin.

This helpful plugin works on all hosting servers. All the free features are worth trying. Plus, the pro version is available if you want to check it out.

Features Highlights

  • Duplicate entire site without requiring coding knowledge
  • Search and replace all the serialized links
  • Duplication process will be done in background
  • Time length depends on size of your site
  • Protect your site from being broken
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#4 Migrate Guru by Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru

Here we introduce to you the most effective way to duplicate and migrate your WordPress site - Migrate Guru. This plugin helps you to finish your export and import process with less work and more relaxation since you just need to sit down and watch all the work being done.

First of all, this plugin is proud to state that it is able to move 1GB site in less than 30 minutes, which is 80% faster than usual. And all of this will be done in only one click "Migrate". This plugin possesses its own server to finish the migration process, which means your site stays unchanged all the time. It is normal to fail at huge migrations; however, this plugin can fix this problem since it can move a 200GB site. All the site move will be done without add-ons. As said above, this plugin has its own server, so you are not required to have any storage to store your data, it will be copied on its server and will be deleted when everything is done. Moreover, it supports with Search and Replace feature, which also allows you to fix any serialized data.

That's it for the introduction. You can easily install the plugin and enjoy more features that it provides.

Features Highlights

  • Move 1GB site in less than 30 minutes
  • Make no effect on your site whilr migrating
  • Be able to move huge amount of data
  • Require no storage for data
  • Provide search and replace feature while migrating
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#5 WP Migrate DB by Delicious Brains

WP Migrate DB

Managing a website you have got a hundred things to care about and keep your data safe shouldn't be one of them. Giving you care-fee with WP Migrate DB- a WordPress plugin helping you to migrate and store your data.

To begin with, this plugin allows you to export your database, download and save it on your own PC under the form of SQL file. It makes sure to create a backup for your database and you don't need to worry about it anymore. It works best for people who want to migrate new data from the parent site to the local install or the other way around. WP Migrate DB provides Find and Replace feature which deals with serialized data. This is how it works. It first unravels the data and run through it with a find and replace. When it's done, the plugin serializes again and puts it back to the database. In addition, you can filter the unhelpful data out of the migration by choosing what to migrate. After each migration, the profiles will be recorded and stored for future usage.

It comes with very clear instructions and example for you to follow. It is a plugin that you will not regret installing.

Features Highlights

  • Export your data and save it on your PC
  • Create backups for your database
  • Migrate data from parent site to local install
  • Provide Find and Replace feature
  • Record migration data and process
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#6 FG Drupal to WordPress by Frédéric GILLES

FG Drupal to WordPress

Be confused when you want to move contents from your favorite content management system Drupal? Then FG Drupal to WordPress would help you with the migration from Drupal to WordPress easily.

It is no more confusing when FG Drupal to WordPress would help move most of the basic types of content from your Drupal to your site fluently. Articles, all 6 stories, pages, categories, tags and even media content like images are all migrated. The plugin also allows you to upload the posts media in uploads directories of WordPress. You can optionally choose to upload the external media as well. FG Drupal to WordPress modifies all the post content during the migration from Drupal to WordPress. Therefore, all the media links are kept after being moved. When transferring images from Drupal to WordPress, this plugin resizes what are migrated. You will see your images are all adjusted to fit with the defined size of WordPress without manual effort. All the image attribute is maintained along with the image so you can look for its information on your site.

FG Drupal to WordPress modifies all internal links as well as compatible with several database drivers and different versions of Drupal and WordPress. If you prefer more advanced features, the Premium version and many add-ons are available. If not, just feel free to use Drupal and enjoy the migration with FG Drupal to WordPress!

Features Highlights

  • Migrate types of content from Drupal to WordPress
  • Allow internal posts media and external media uploaded
  • Keep the media links by content modification
  • Auto-resize image to fit with WordPress
  • Maintain all image attribute
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#7 WP Engine Automated Migration by WPEngine

WP Engine Automated Migration

This plugin works perfectly for your site no matter what your purpose is and who you are. You just need to install it and let it do the work. WP Engine Automated Migration is at your service.

With WP Engine Automated Migration, you can easily migrate the database on your WordPress site to another one. Forget the manually work, you only need to hand in your WP Enginde SFTP credentials for the plugin to work itself. It provides the search and replaces feature, which allows you to search particular items and replace them without wasting time. It assures to keep all the links the same, and therefore, SEO will not be affected. For business sites, it will try to keep all the customer records, products unaffected so that you can be worry-free to focus on generating ideas. In addition, this plugin works with multisite, you need to turn on the NetWork Activate before connecting to other sites. You might want to keep in mind that you have to sign up for an account in this plugin website before enjoying it.

There are some requirements for you after the migration process. You might read the instruction for further understanding. However, it is very easy to use, so check it out as soon as possible.

Features Highlights

  • Migrate database on your WordPress site to another one
  • Hand in your WP Enginde SFTP credentials
  • Provide the search and replace feature
  • Keep all the links the same in order not to affect SEO
  • Work with multisite
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#8 Automated Joomla To WordPress Migration by CMS2CMS

Automated Joomla To WordPress Migration

This plugin will be your savior when you build up a new site and want to move your database from your existing site to the new one. Very convenient and safe, Automated Joomla To WordPress Migration is a WordPress plugin will help to fulfil your needs without hassle.

To begin with, it will help you transfer your database from one site to another safely. The Demo Migration feature will allow you to preview the results beforehand, showing you how your new site will look like then you can make any amendments after that. In addition, it also gives you options to select which item should be moved and where to put it in the new site. The migration time will be about 15, depending mostly on the size of the content. Similarly, the price will be charged on the volume of content you want to move. Automated Joomla To WordPress Migration will make sure to transfer full package of your articles, media files and attachments. Nothing will be left behind when you don't specifically set up.

There are more things you can do with this plugin, install it now and let it help you multiple times later. You can count on it.

Features Highlights

  • Transfer you database from one site to another
  • Allow you to preview the results beforehand
  • Select which item should be moved and where to put it
  • The price will be charged on volume of content
  • Fully transfer package of articles
  • media files
  • attachments
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#9 WordPress Migration & Duplicator by WebToffee

WordPress Migration & Duplicator

WordPress Migration & Duplicator is a WordPress plugin that supports you to migrate or more your WordPress to another destination. Below are what you can do with this plugin.

To begin with. with WordPress Migration & Duplicator, you don't need to worry about the database on your site and don't have to waste time transferring data manually. You just need to set up and this plugin will migrate your database either from your website to another one or from the old location to a new one on the same website. In addition, it gives you options to select which part and items you want to move or you can just order to transfer the whole website in once. The migration process starts with moving the files, copying the database and turn the configuration of them into the appropriate one. All of these will be automated, you just need to sit down and watch. Or if you have work to do, stay focus since this plugin can run in the background and will not disturb any of your work.

The plugin's instruction comes with clear steps for you to follow, from installation to migration, you can probably use it without any difficulty.

Features Highlights

  • Migrate your database to another website
  • Select items to be moved
  • Transfer the entire website
  • Automated migration process
  • Run in the background of your site
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#10 WP Synchro by WPSynchro

WP Synchro

You don't ever need to worry about losing data on your site anymore since now you have WP synchro - a WordPress plugin that helps you to save, synchronize data and information between your sites.

There are several free features that it is offering. Firstly, you can export your database from one site to another and the other way around. Moreover, since it supports serialized data, you can find and replace data that has been serialized. It is very convenient that you can choose which database table to pull or push, which minimizes those useless data. More importantly, it comes with high security, guaranteeing that no leaking will happen since it will encrypt the data when transferring and there is no involvement of the third parties. After setting it up for once, you can use this over again and again. It is created to work for developer. If you want more features, you can check out its Pro version. It allows you to synchronize your files such as media, plugins and themes.

This plugin is very smart that it only choose the different among files to synchronize, which helps save a lot of time and resource. You will receive 14 days of trial for the Pro version. Check it out to see if this is what you are looking for.

Features Highlights

  • Export and import database from one site to another
  • Find and replace data that has been serialized
  • Choose which database table to pull or push
  • Come with high security when transferring
  • Install once
  • multiple times use
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#11 Cloudways WordPress Migrator by Cloudways

Cloudways WordPress Migrator

You will only need to show the Cloudways SFTP details to this plugin, and it will help you do the work. The Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin facilitates migrations process among sites, which helps you save a lot of time.

It is perfect for you whether you are agencies, developers, e-commerce merchants or SME. Firstly, for agencies, you don't need to waste money on technical experts to do the work. This plugin saves the day by making a copy of your database and saving it in the Cloudways Cloud Platform. It makes sure there is no damage for your website themes and plugins. If you are developers, you might have time to do the harder work now since this plugin will automatically update your database to the platform. In terms of Ecommerce merchants, the Cloudways WordPress Migrator will assure all your product pages, themes and customer record are transferred safely, which try to keep your sale unaffected. And with small and medium enterprises, you are now care-free since your SEO links are safe and running normally. It will not influence how your site is shown on search engines.

With so many advantages that it brings to users, you should not hesitate to install this plugin.

Features Highlights

  • Make copy of data and save in Cloudways Cloud Platform
  • No damage for your website themes and plugins
  • Automatically update your database to the platform
  • Transfer product pages
  • themes
  • customer record safely
  • Keep Seo links unaffected
Price: 0
Rating: 4 / 5

#12 Pressable Automated Migration by Pressable

Pressable Automated Migration

If you need a platform to migrate and preview your sites with necessary changes, Pressable Automated Migration would be a great choice.

Pressable Automated Migration is a plugin for both advance developers and beginners with its amazing features. The plugin creates a Pressable server as a staging environment. You can move your sites there to how they work. Based on that, the preview can help you in making appropriate changes. Pressable Automated Migration synchronizes all the changes you make on your sites. Once you finish with changes, the last migration will end with synchronization after all preview on the server. Pressable Automated Migration helps you with all automatic database adjustments. Hence, there is no manual effort toward the database during the whole process. When the migration of your sites is complete, Pressable Automated Migration will send you an email. It will notify you of the result as the process has ended.

To work with Pressable Automated Migration, you will need to create an account on Pressable and a deployed site on the system to move your sites to. Just simple preparation, your migration will be carried all out by Pressable Automated Migration with minimal effort. Feel free to install and enjoy the convenient migration!

Features Highlights

  • Support moving live site to a staging environment
  • Allow synchronization after previewing on staging environment
  • Provide automatic database adjustments
  • Provide Pressable platform for stage previewing
  • Send noticing email of the completion of the migration
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#13 Pantheon Migrations by Pantheon

Pantheon Migrations

It is really time-consuming to migrate your site to a new one all by clicking and manually selecting. We have got a solution for you. Pantheon will help you to manage your website and do all the work.
Firstly, you need to activate this plugin by accessing your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can easily migrate your existing site to a new one. All you need to do is to copy and paste your SFTP credentials to the plugin's tab in the WordPress dashboard and choose "migrate". Then you are free to go on with your work, the notification email will be sent to you when everything is done. You should keep in mind that you need to have a pantheon account to use the plugin, but after you get your own account, all the service is free. Currently, Pantheon is not supporting multisite, but when it does, you will get notified immediately. The migration process takes time, depending on the volume of your site.

If you need any help with the installation and how to create an account on Pantheon, the support team is very glad to help you out. Check out this plugin to see if it is what you are looking for.

Features Highlights

  • Migrate your existing site to a new one
  • Easy steps to start the work
  • Get notification emails when it is done
  • Sign up and sign in before start
  • Time to migrate depends on your site's volume
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#14 WPServer Migration by WPServer

WPServer Migration

Just in a single click, you can migrate your whole WordPress site to another server for enhancement in working and management.

First and foremost, WPServer Migration simplifies the process of migrating your site to another place. It would definitely be fine if you are not good at technical knowledge. All you need to do is to provide your FTP access, and the plugin will do the rest. There is no involvement of the third-party tool to move your site. With WPServer Migration, you just need one click, and your WordPress site will be moved to the WP Server platform. The plugin is built in to allow multiple-site migration. The process is easy without deep interference of technical knowledge. WPServer Migration will automatically find and replace values in the database to ensure the plugin run correctly. Hence, you can be at ease after providing your FTP access. After the migration, the link of your site is kept identical to the original one. As a result, your SEO will not be damaged even when your WordPress site is migrated.

WPServer Migration does not migrate your site to other accommodations rather than WP Server platform. This is the only point that you might consider. Otherwise, just install the plugin for free and enjoy the easy process of site migration!

Features Highlights

  • Migrate WordPress site to WP Server platform
  • Support automatic finding values in the database
  • Support multisite migration
  • Exclude the needs of third-party migration tool
  • Keep your link identical after migration
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#15 Migrate To Liquid Web by LiquidWeb

Migrate To Liquid Web

If you are looking for a plugin that helps with your migration process to build up a new site or even just store your data. Migrate To Liquid Web is available to help you solve the problem with your database.

With Migrate To Liquid Web, you can now easily move your site to the Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting platform, emphasizing that it could be more than one site. It starts with making copies of all your database, transforming the configuration of the files and importing those to the new web server. It also means you can have copies of all your data to store as backups. The time length to migrate your site is around 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on your website's volume. At the moment, Migrate To Liquid Web can only support migrating from a self-hosted WordPress, it might notify you if there are any upgrades. In addition, you don't need to keep the window open during the migration process, SAAS based technology allows this plugin to work in the background.

The support team of this plugin is very responsive and supportive. You can reach them out at any time if you have troubles installing or using it.

Features Highlights

  • Transfer site to Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting platform
  • Make copies and import data to new site
  • Create backups to your database
  • Time length depends on the volume of database
  • Work in background during migration process
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#16 Savvii WP Migrate by Savvii

Savvii WP Migrate

The Savvii WP Migrate plugin will save you time when you want to build up a new website and need to transfer data from your old one. Check out what it has to offer. Thanks to its smart features, it can easily move your site to the Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting platform. You should be happy since it could transfer more than one site to one destination. It starts with making copies of all your database, transforming the configuration of the files and import those to the new web server. It also means you can have copies of all your data to store as backups. The time length to migrate your site is dependent on your website's volume and the amount of database you want to select. At the moment, Savvii WP Migrate plugin can only support migration from a self-hosted WordPress, you will receive notifications if there are any upgrades. In addition, you can download the plugin by either clicking in the Plugins menu in your admin panel or upload the plugin's folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory through sFTP.

Those this is still new on board, it comes with very dedicated support from the team and willingness to make users happy.

Features Highlights

  • Move site to Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting platform
  • Transfer more than one site to one destination
  • Time to transfer depends on your website's volume
  • Create copies of your database
  • Offer two ways to install
Price: 0
Rating: 5 / 5

#17 Migrate to WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace by WC Lovers

Migrate to WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

Understand that users always look for a plugin that provides ultimate features which help them to manage their website more easily, WC Lovers just created a tool upon your wish. Migrate to WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace is a plugin that brings your e-commerce site to a new level.

Migrate to WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace helps you to migrate vendors on your site. In addition, it allows you to add more features such as Flexible commission, refund request, withdrawal and more. They are all highly customizable. For example, you can choose to migrate or not migrate any of those features if you don't want. Moreover, you can experience advanced tools like Store Invoice, Support ticket and Shipment Tracking. Thanks to WCFM Ultimate, you can also import WooCommerce Bookings, Appointments, Rental and Booking system and more. Those features that it is offering surprisingly new and helpful. They create new tools even before you think you need them. However, there is something that you need to bear in mind. Vendor's shipping setting will not migrate as WCFM market place.

Before installing this plugin, you might want to make sure to backup your site's database and activate your previous multi-vendor plugin. It is hard for you to imagine with just a list of new features, you should check it out yourself.

Features Highlights

  • Migrate vendors on your site
  • Add more features like flexible commission
  • refund request
  • withdrawal
  • Experience advanced tools like Store Invoice
  • Support ticket and more
  • Import WooCommerce Bookings
  • Appointments and more
  • Not migrate vendor's shipping setting as WCFM marketplace
Price: 0
Rating: 3 / 5

#18 Course Migration for LearnDash by Faizaan Gagan

Course Migration for LearnDash

Moving content back and forth from a local installation of WordPress to the live site via CSV files might become a bundle. Course Migration for LearnDash was created then to help you in such situations.

Simple to move content from staging sites to live ones and vice versa, Course Migration for LearnDash would work well with the installation in both the sender and receiver end. Once the setup is done, a new menu called Course Migration will appear in the backend of your WordPress. From the Security Key sub-menu on the receiver end, Course Migration for LearnDash allows you to generate a security key for the migration. It will be entered with the receiver's URL in the Course Migration of sender end to process the content moving. All types of topics that you can choose to migrate are displayed in a dropdown menu. You can choose several topics at the same time and they will be marked with a tick when the migration is finished. If the association among topics that you want to move does make sense on your site, then the Premium version is there to help. It maintains the link among migrated topics as well as add a bonus choice of migration.

The process for course migration with Course Migration for LearnDash is simple and easy to run. There would be no worry or annoyance with migration via CSV files. Have Course Migration for LearnDash on your site and feel easy to update content for e-learning!

Features Highlights

  • Allow two-way migration between local installation and live site
  • Generate security key for the content migration
  • Support a menu for content selection to migrate
  • Allow migrating multiple topics at the same time
  • Optionally maintain linkage among topics after migration
Price: 0
Rating: 0 / 5

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